Sunday, January 7, 2018

Annual Race To The Finish (Before Big Game 2018)

So here we are, just four weeks out.  The race to the finish begins again!

It's that time of year folks.  D-Company Milwaukee's annual Big Game starts on Feb. 2nd, which means four weeks until launch.  It also means that many of us are frantically trying (again!) to finish those last minute hobby projects.  Granted, several of them could have been finished before Christmas, but what fun is that?  A little pressure is a great motivator!

So here is my list of stuff to get done by Feb 2nd...

To build and paint:
      - Warp Talons (5)
      - Rapier Battery
      - Giant Chaos Spawn
      - Goliath Necromunda Gang (10)

To paint:
      - Defiler
      - Arch-daemon Keres (huge!)
      - Scarab Occult Terminators (5)
      - Rubric Marines (5)
      - Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour
      - Goatman Necromunda Mercenary

I want to get the Necromunda stuff done so I have some kit to play with during the Big Game 2018 weekend.  Necromunda has always been a D-Company favorite, no less so with the new release.  I have been told there will be at least a couple of tables, with terrain, available to play the game. Another consideration is that D-Company has an informal rule about unpainted models during Big Game weekend...there are none.  So although my Goliaths are not highest priority, they need to get finished by Feb 2nd.

This past week (including today) I built all 10 of the Goliaths, and got the Chaos Sorcerer painted.  I also have 2 of the 5 Scrab Occults done.  So the week ahead?  Finish the Scarab Occults, as well as build and paint the Warp Talons.  I  could also probably get the Rapier Battery built and painted, since it is a single model.  Challenges to meeting this goal?  It is final exam week at school, and I will have over 70 exams to get graded by Friday.  I am also running clock at two home basketball games which are in the evening, usually 'til around 9pm.  What is it we say..."life gets in the way?"  It certainly does.
Funny thing is, I could easily have finished the Talons, Rubrics and Scarabs before now...the last two have been sitting in my painting queue since mid-November!  Of course, the new Fallout Board Game hit the shelves, I have been playing way too much Civ, StarCraft and reading, at last count, about 15 Grimdark books/short stories as well.  Guess some things are more important than others...until they are not!  At least I can listen to audio books and podcasts while I hobby.  Oh yeah, and I still have Episode 7 of Cubic Shenanigans to edit!

One more things to throw into the soup...if the Thousand Sons dex drops before Big Game (please, please!), there is word on the street of a new model similar to the Mutalith Vortex Beast from Age of Sigmar.  If it arrives before Big Game, it will probably give me a whole week to get it built and painted, along with everything else in the queue.  Hooray...more stuff!

So much to do, so little time.  Probably like you, it is one of the things I think I love most about the madness that is Games Workshop.   Or maybe, I'll actually start earlier next year...ahhh, no!  As I get stuff done, I will provide a weekly update on progress, including a few pics.  Happy New Year!


  1. Get a move on slacker, (just kidding) don't forget about Tuesday's and Thursday's if you are free of course.


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