Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Liberation of Magos Explorator Varnak

The Magos was exhausted.  Not by his efforts.  What caused his exhaustion was adherence to the dogma of the Omnissiah....

The Liberation of Magos Explorator Varnak

Magos Explorator Varnak (he recently changed his name to honor the first Magos to face the Tyranid onslaught) had made the choice; although not without exhaustive data mining, analysis and simulation.  He had been the loyal ally of Chief Librarian Lydriss for almost a century.  Lydriss' crusade to crush the servants of the Chaos God Tzeentch had taken he and Varnak to over 18 solar systems and 87 planets.  For the most part, they had been successful.  30 planets freed from the thrall of the Lord of Change.  Six planets rendered barren by Exterminatus.  Regrettable, but necessary given the depth of corruption and the resources available.

The choice, after all of this, was to abandon the followers of the Corpse Emperor and seek an ally who would allow Varnak to attain his true potential.  Lydriss had been a reliable ally, but the partnership was one-sided in the extreme.  The Iron Hands Librarian had never committed more than light troops and standard vehicles to their efforts.  Conversely, Varnak had committed some of his best Skitarri and Cult Mechanicus forces.  In the last two encounters with the Marines Errant, only the efforts of Varnak's units had ensured narrow victories.  One of these encounters had almost resulted in his demise.

Varnak's plan was to modify data cores using hexadecimal incrementation.  Lydriss and his Tech Marines would be unable to detect any changes until he was gone.  As much as he regretted doing so, he would abandon his Adeptus Mechanicus forces and seek out the Sorcerer Lord Ahriman alone.  Ahriman had contacted Varnak on several occasions, using astropaths he had infiltrated into Lydriss' fleet.  Warp distortions and Varnaks' own data manipulation had rendered any astropathic communication to Ahriman undetectable.  After almost 16 months of effort, he was on his way to Glore BT71, having commandeered a trans-Warp civilian vessel at the last logistics stop of Lydriss' fleet.

Varnak arrived at Glore BT71 and met with the Sorcerer Lord of the Thousand Sons.  Varnak and Ahriman were kindred spirits; both seeking knowledge.  Many conversations followed, but what interested Varnak most was access to legendary Hellforged creations as well as Daemon Engines.  He did not see these as corrupt; his view was that they were a product of imagination and creativity.  Over the next two years, Varnak expanded the Forge facilities on Glore and Ahriman's force grew to one that could challenge any Imperial, or Chaos, interlopers.  Ahriman chose to test these new forces on Varnak's old nemesis; the Marines Errant.   Guspenites was the location of a joint Astra Militarum/Marines Errant outpost.  This planet would be the target of their first joint effort.

The Thousand Sons were about to arrive at the doorstep of the Corpse God's lackeys...

NOTE:  This story is part of a storyline leading to Big Game, a major Warhammer 40K event that will come to Milwaukee in February of 2018.


  1. Yeah! I'm still "building" my list, so we will muster what troops we have to fight this invasion of our space.

    Little did we know we were to be mere test subjects....

  2. I think we're both still literally "building" our lists! The joys of new toys!

  3. Spot on my friends. This is exactly the spice for the soup. See ya both in a couple of days.


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