Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On The Bench: A New Big Buddy, Manta Rays, Goats with Guns and Breaking Bad

The bench is pretty crowded as I work to build up my Thousand Sons.  Here are the latest models to roll off the assembly line...

First up is my Maulerfiend.  I was a bit conflicted on whether to go with the "shooty" version of this guy or the "rip your face off" version.  Given the change in the rule set, I went with the Maulerfiend.

I base coated him with Army Painter Chainmail.  Since he is a machine, I wanted to be able to get that metallic look on the colored surfaces.  This is the same thing I did with my Admech army.  The only difference is that I used blue on the Maulerfiend and a reddish-brown for the Admech,

Also decided to used one of the texture paints for the base.  They are so easy to use, and once you get used to knowing how the layering effects the look, they can really pop your bases.  I strongly recommend practicing on a few bases that you have lying around before going in with your actually models.  Here I undercoated with orange, and applied a medium thickness of texture paint.  Gives a nice "daemon forge" effect I think.  Will be using this for the base on my Decimator (on the way from Forge World) as well.

Also threw in the Mark of Tzeentch just to make sure there is no doubt where this big fellas' allegiance lies.

Next up is my first unit of three Screamers.  I plan of eventually having a unit of six to fly around with any Sorcerers on disks.  I based with the standard for most of my Thousand Sons/Tzeentch models, which is Army Painter Crystal Blue.  Then dry brushed some Screamer Pink for a contrasting palette.  The eyes (and there are several of them) on these beauties were a bit of a challenge, but I think they turned out OK.

Tzaangors!  Goatmen with guns are in the house!  I am looking forward to eventually having two units of 20 of these guys on the table.  They are rocking bolt pistols and chainswords...and don't forget that 5++ save.  They will certainly have to be dealt with whenever they show up.

The last thing today is my Deredeo Dread.  I was a bit concerned that these workhorses would not be usable in Newhammer, so was very pleasantly surprised when they showed up in the Forge World Imperial Armour: Chaos book.  I basically added gold trim/highlights since I had already base coated him blue.  This is now consistent with my Thousand Sons paint scheme.  Added a couple of Thousand Sons transfers, and for the finishing move, I replaced the head with one more appropriate to the Sons of Magnus.

One thing to note in all of these pics...snow.  With the exception of my Daemonforge units, I want to use the snow as a theme for my army, and given the Wrath of Magnus story line, it seems very appropriate.  If you are interested in basing your models this way, take a look at an older post in which I describe in detail the materials and some methods for this.

Hope you enjoyed.  I will be back on just a few days to talk about the backlog on my workbench.  I feel like an air traffic controller...just too many planes in the queue (which is actually a good thing).

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