Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On The Bench: Did I Get Anything Done?!

I know I did, but man, the queue just seems to be getting longer!

What a great problem to have.  So many models needing a paint job and so much going on.  That being said, here are a couple of Forge World models that are ready for the table.  In fact, they were broken in last night against Dale's Berserkers!

The mighty Leviathan.  I based this model with Platemail Metal from Army Painter, and all of the blue surfaces are from several coats of Blue Ink from P3.  I am particularly happy that I had an extra Thousand Sons head to make it a true member of the Sons of Magnus.  I had to do a bit of modification on the piece right behind the head to make it fit, but I really like the way it fits right in behind the vox grill in the front.  Was also happy with the way the right leg was bent; really gives a dynamic pose.  What do you think?

The other model was the Giant Chaos Spawn.  This is the kind of model I have always wanted to play, but as a loyalist never had the chance to.  Its rules are very interesting.  Its movement/strength/attack characteristics change each turn, and when rolling, if I roll a 1 or 6 the model adds D3 wounds!  I think I added at least a dozen last night playing the red tide of Khorne!  Wasn't that impressed with the sculpt when I looked on the website, but in person, the detail, especially the "double" face, look very cool.

Finally, here is a pic of the queue as it currently stands.  Changling, Daemon Prince, 5 Rubrics and 5 Scarab Occults.  I also have a Heldrake that is primed, but needs to be assembled.  I was hoping most of this would be done by a local event this coming weekend...just can't see it happening.  Maybe I'll have to play with...GASP...unpainted models!  We'll see.

Hope everyone is enjoying Newhammer as much as I am.  By the way, stand by for some BIG news next week...

Hope you're having a good summer!

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