Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cubic Shenanigans Podcast Is Live!

Finally! After fighting through a huge learning curve, the inaugural podcast is live!

Last Spring, I started considering working on a podcast project this summer.  Little did I know how much I had to learn...WOW!  I have so much more appreciation for folks who do this themselves, or, if they have hired help, for the people who put this all together.

So many little things to do, and all of it new.  As much work as it's been, it has also been an adventure and I have learned so much.  Just getting the right kit together for recording was an adventure in itself.  Then, getting the gear set up for recording...especially the voice recorder!
Fortunately, I had some great help with both of those tasks.

Once the episode was recorded, editing was a whole 'nuther adventure!  All of the "uhs,""you knows," breaths, and other miscellaneous sounds to cut out.  And frankly, making sure that all of the various house sounds were turned off.  The pumps on the fish tank, the air conditioning, the cuckoo clock (which I didn't catch until the first 10 minutes were done).  Even then, we are recording in the main living space of my condo, so acoustics aren't exactly built into the specs.  All that being said, I am hopeful that the content will motivate folks to come back.  The sound quality we can work on.  Learning the Audacity DAW has been educational.  Fortunately, there are plenty of online tutorials to figure out all of the bells and whistle.

I am grateful for my co-host, Theo, for being willing to come on board and helping with this project.  He and I are both members of D-Company Milwaukee ( )and will certainly be sharing information about all the crazy Warhammer action from Brew City.

What is Cubic Shenanigans about?  We are a commercial-free Warhammer (Heresy, 40K, Sigmar) podcast that provides useful information, opinion and perspective on all aspects of the Warhammer hobby.  Our discussions may very well elicit reaction...we welcome that!  We will also provide perspective on the Lore that is the foundation of the Warhammer Universe.

The address for our website is   There is a calendar for Warhammer events, both local and national; the calendar includes links for each event.   Also have a picture gallery which we hope listeners will add to by using our contact page and emailing us pics they would like to have published.

Our podcast is currently only available through our website.  Our posting schedule will officially be monthly, but if you subscribe, you can catch the other episodes that we plan on doing more frequently.  In fact, we are having a special episode posting at the end of next week featuring an Age of Sigmar discussion with a local leader in the AoS community.  Update: we are live on ITunes!

Please give us a listen and let us know what you think.  Throwing our hats into an already crowded podcast community is exciting, but a bit intimidating as well.  Either way, it will be a helluva ride. Enjoy the show!

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