Friday, June 16, 2017

On The Bench: WarpTalons and Chaos Sorcerers

Exams are done and graded, school is over and I'm back from a West Coast trip.  Time to get back to building that shiny new Thousand Sons army!

I have several of the models for my Thousand Sons built and primed.  Horrors, Scarab Occult, Tzaangors and some Exalted Sorcerers.  But with the arrival of Newhammer, some "non" Thousand Sons Chaos units have jumped to the front of the queue; a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour and a squad of Warp Talons.  Both of these units will provide some much needed flexibility to my Thousand Sons armies.  Let's see what we have...

The Chaos Sorcerer Terminator is a unit I have had sitting around for a while.  I started by priming him with Crystal Blue (Army Painter...the ONLY primer I use).  I then started working up a palette for him.  I wanted to make sure that the paint scheme matched the Thousand Sons, so I make sure to use blue and gold.  The gold you see is Retributor Armour.  The silver is Stormhost Silver.  I also accented with Runelord Brass, Abaddon Black and Screaming Skull.  I used Altdorf Guard Blue for any touchups;  it matches the Crystal Blue base almost exactly. 

I used the Waystone Green for all of the "eyes" on the model.  I finished off with Armour Wash ink from P3.  I know I get a bit carried away, but is does such a nice job of raising accents and details on the model.  Finished him off with a Tzeentch transfer on him power pack.

The Warp Talons have pretty much the same palette with a few exceptions.  I used Mephiston Red for the eyes, Dawnstone for the straps on the jet packs and a brown ink (P3 again) on the talons.  I finished these demonic lunatics off with the same Armour Wash ink and then the Thousand Sons transfers for the pauldrons.  These shoulder guards were a perfect size for these transfers (the transfers are from the NEW Chaos Space Marines transfer sheet).  I wanted to make sure there was no doubt which Legion these guys have pledged to.

Hope you enjoy.  Constructive feedback is always appreciated.  I will be posting again in a few days, this time with a commentary on the value of Chaos Sorcerers (without Cabals!) in Newhammer.

Thanks for stopping by!

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