Sunday, May 14, 2017

Age Of Sigmar: Death Comes For You - Part 1 (And A Hobby Bonus!)

My Age of Sigmar journey has begun...and it smells like Death!

Well folks, after a bit of a "toe in the water" Age of Sigmar experiment last summer, I am ready to go all in.  I had built a small Seraphon army; enough to play in the Sigmar Campaign last summer.  After that, though, really played little, if any, AoS.  Adepticon 2017 changed that.  After walking around the AoS gaming hall for four days and watching all of the action, it really inspired me to take a much more serious look at this gaming system.  Moreover, I had long conversations with a couple of acquaintances from Milwaukee who played in the AoS events. 

On top of all that, I am pretty much done with 7th Edition 40K.  Good timing, it so happens, as Newhammer is on the way.  Although I really enjoyed my first ever competitive 40K event (Combat Patrol) at Adepticon, it just reinforced the things I was getting tired of in 40K.  Just for the record: I am NOT hanging up my 40K hat!  Not at all!  I am now, as are many thousands of other 40K players, just looking forward to the drop of the newest iteration of warfare in the 41st millennium.  Thousand Sons in the house!

OK, back to Sigmar.  I have chosen to go with the Death Grand Alliance.  There are great models in all of the Alliances, but I have always found the lore and models for the Death alliance the most interesting for me.  The new Kharadon Overlords are very coolio, but Death still has my interest locked in.  I will be focusing on the Flesh Eater Courts (doesn't that sound grand!) with bits from several Death factions tossed in.  Nighthaunts, Deathlords, Soulblight and Deathrattle factions will all be represented.  For now, I have about 340 points of painted models.

Here is what I have finished so far.  A Crypt Haunter Cortier, 3 Spirit Hosts and 10 Crypt Ghouls.  I have 3 more Spirit Hosts primed, as well as another 20 Crypt Ghouls and 5 Crypt Horrors.  My Zombie Dragon and Ghoul King are built but not primed.  Finally, I have two Varghulf Courtiers on the way.

From a hobby perspective, I tried something a bit different with the basing on the Spirit Hosts.  I wanted a foggy, creepy effect for these ghostly figs.  After a bit of experimentation, this is what I ended up with.  It is a thin layer of Elmers Glue allowed to dry to tackiness, and then applying small bits of pulled cotton layered on with tweezers.  What do you think?

The Crypt Haunter Courtier gives the Death player a chance to recover/replace lost models, while avoiding the Summoning mechanic.  The Spirit Hosts have the potential to deal a air amount of motal wounds, and the Crypt Ghouls are the Battleline (Troop) choice for most Flesh Eater Court armies.  This faction has several ways to not only buff the Ghouls, but replenish lost models as well.  They also have a Warscroll Battalion (Formation) that allows them, in essence, to Deep Strike.

Will keep posting as things progress.  Hope to have about 1500 points ready by the end of June, and then get several games in this summer.


Have you tried the new Texture Paints from Citadel?  I was in the local GDub store this weekend, and saw them while looking for a few other paints.  The store manager showed me how to work them, so I bought one to give it a go.  Wow!  This stuff looks great!  You apply it based on the severity of the effect you want.  Here are four bases with various amounts of the Texture paint applied.  The first is a light coat, to get just a bit of the broken surface.  A medium coat gives more of the broken effect, but still subdued enough to allow for flocking or other basing materials.  The two on the right had thicker coats applied and...well, you see the result.  It is recommended that before applying the Texture, you undercoat the base.  You can see how dramatic the effect is for the heavier applications.

I will definitely be using this product on all of my Death army figs.  Also, it comes in a few different colors, and each color has both a lighter and thicker consistency.  It's not cheap, so experimentation is something to keep to a minimum.  However, you can see the results.  Hope you give this stuff a try.  Let me know how it turns out for you!

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  1. They look great! Keep it up and don't forget about Tuesday's.


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