Thursday, May 25, 2017

40K: Newhammer Is A NEW Game!

I know I'm stating the obvious.  But how many folks are actually seeing it as new?

Yes, yes, we know it's a new game.  We know there are new rules and new books.  There will be new models.  What do you mean we don't see that it's a new game?  Here's why I think so many folks are not yet in the proper mindset for receiving Newhammer from the chaps in Nottingham.

It starts with the way folks are talking about units and profiles.  For many, it remains an exercise in comparison.  This is what Unit X did and this is what it looks like Unit X will do now.  The profile for Unit X is similar to the old profile for Unit X, but (fill in the blank) increased/decreased.  The folks who are comparing unit rules and profiles are comparing the new stuff to a ghost.  The special rules that we have seen so far are unique and are perhaps similar in a few cases.  But the bulk of what we have seen in terms of unit rules are new and fresh.  Comparing unit profiles is pointless as well.   Initiative is gone.  Leadership serves an entirely new purpose.  Even the fact that there are still Wounds is not similar, due to the fact that the shooting/combat mechanic is new.  Two wounds on the same unit in 7th and Newhammer have very different meaning in terms of statistical survivability.  We now have a movement stat that is unique to each unit.  The wounding mechanic has changed, and so the Toughness and Strength stats take on new meaning.

In terms of weapon profiles, there has been much discussion regarding this or that weapon being nerfed or more powerful.  Given the fact that the entire shooting/wounding mechanic has changed, comparisons have no meaning.  The shooting mechanic in Newhammer has more similarity to the shooting mechanics of AoS than it does to 7th Ed.  So why compare them?  What does make sense is to look at the new weapon profiles in the context of what we know about Newhammer rules in general.  This is more helpful in determining how powerful a weapon will be.

Let's take a look at the latest information regarding the June 17th release.  Five individual Indexes to cover EVERY known faction.  Five?  Five?!  This is madness I tell you...madness!  This also is a totally new and amazing concept.  Nothing like this has existed in 40K...ever.  20+ armies that I can carry around in one hand?  All the rules and dataslates I need to play any Heretic army in a single softcover book?  Just two books for everything Imperial?  All the Space Elf shennanigans in a single tome?  Newness on top of more newness.  We haven't even spoken of the fact that I can download the twelve pages of basic rules, print them, fold them, and put them in my back pocket!  Of course I can put them on my mobile device, but what fun is that?  I know there has also been a fair amount of consternation regarding the obsolescence of books, but if you stopped playing D & D and started playing Pathfinder, those D & D books will do you no good.  They are both role-playing games, but the core mechanics are vastly different.  There may be value for mission development or lore (I am keeping my Inferno Black Book for the lore alone), but from a game play perspective, a new game is a new game.  The same is true of 7th Ed. and Newhammer.

We are also getting new kit from Forge World. Lots of it.  It will be wonderful to see the demise of "Experimental Rules...Imperial Sanction Not yet Granted."  Both Adeptus Astartes and Chaos books on the same day as the primary 40K release is unprecedented.  Moreover, from the release showing the Helforged Leviathan (Death to the False Emperor!) means that we are not only getting 40K compatible Forge World information, it means that we will be getting some tasty new Forge World goodies for both Imperials and Heretics.  To have this major a release of Forge World 40K materials, both in terms of rules and models, is a whole new world for those of use who have been around for a while.

Another major issue is with the Primaris Astartes.  This is one more indication that we have a NEW game on our hands.  It doesn't mean you can't use your existing models.  Aren't we talking about more powerful Space Marines?  This is a problem how?  If this about using your old models, I harken back to the D & D/Pathfinder comparison.  If you use minatures in one, you can use minatures in another.  Two different game systems, no new figs.  How is the introduction of the Primaris a deal breaker?  GDub has stated repeatedly that all of your old models are valid.  But we have a new game.  It should have new models.  Period.  There should be no need for GW to justify the introduction of new Astartes into a make believe world that they are creating.  They are part of the story.  Extra, extra, read all about it!

Last point.  It's the Interwebs.  There can, and will be, gnashing of teeth at any change.  There will comparisons to "the good old days."  My (fill in the blank) got nerfed and that (fill in the blank) is still way overpowered.  Sure.  If you say so.  All I know is that on June 17th, I will make the drive to my local GW store along with many others, pick up my stuffs, and begin to enjoy a whole new Warhammer 40K.  Excelsior!

Are you all in, undecided or in denial?

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