Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On The Bench: Ahriman - Arch Sorcerer of Tzeentch

My first Thousand Sons model finished!  And what a better way to start than Ahriman himself!

Ahriman was actually a more complex project than I had expected.  His Disk was a project in itself, and then I had to sub-assemble/paint Ahriman.  Let's take a look at his Disk first (more of a review from the last post here) and then take a look at the process of getting Ahriman ready for the table.

The Disk, at first glance, would seem to be a pretty straightforward model.  Then you notice all of the detail on not only the top, but on the bottom as well.  As I started putting paint to plastic, I actually considered not painting the bottom of the model.

I guess in the end I took it as a point of pride to make the entire model shine, so both sides were detailed out.  I used Blue Privateer Press ink for the rune details on the top, and the Technical Waystone Green for the "eyes" on the model.

On to Ahriman.  This was another sub-assembly model, similar, but not on the same scale, as Belisarius Cawl.  I worked his right arm and head separately.  A coat of white Army Painter primer got things underway.

Next, I drybrushed his cape with Screamer Pink, then added some shading using an Armour Wash ink.  On the bottom edge of the cape I detailed a white edge.

Something new for this model was my first use of Retributor Armour (recommended by Heath at the GW store) for the gold details.  At first it seemed as though it would be too dark, but it ended up looking great.  Here are a couple of longer range pics of the finished model...

Now a few up close.  Notice the use of the Waystone Green on the gems in the front view, on his power pack and his right pauldron...

Overall, I'm very pleased with this.  Used about a dozen colors in the palette before finishing.  My only critique is a bit too much dark wash on his cape.  Other than that, he will make a great centerpiece and Warlord for any of my Thousand Sons lists.  I think he gets overshadowed by the Magnus model, but for his points, and the look of the model, he will be on my table as much as the Big Guy.

Let me know what you think...

Next Up:  Let It Snow?!

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