Sunday, February 19, 2017

On The Bench: The Sons Of Magnus Have Arrived

I know it's not much, but my first batch of Thousand Sons models are out of the box and on the move...

Timing, so the saying goes, is everything.  After the last few months, I am inclined to agree.  Late last year I was in the market for a new army.  Genestealer Cults?  Mighty tempting.  I had a huge Nid army for quite a while, and still held on to a pretty substantial stack of Genestealers.  The codex and the backstory are fantastic.  Wait a minute...what's this Wrath of Magnus thing I'm hearing about?

My last article on Shadow gives a bit of background regarding how I choose new armies.  That will give you an idea of my interest in the Thousand Sons.  So then they throw down with the Wrath of Magnus books, awesome new figs, a limited edition novel, and now Forge World puts Inferno on the shelves.  SOLD!  And before you ask, yes, I DID buy those awesome Sons dice!

Now that we have that out of the way, what's coming out the gate?  Well, I'll be starting with Ahriman.  That's right...NOT Magnus.  Have read all the Ahriman novels, and would really like to center my army around Ahriman as often as Magnus.  But Papa Prospero will be a Summer 2017 purchase at the earliest.  So Ahriman and a box of Exalted Sorcerers it is.  They have been built, but not yet primed.  I will be putting most of the Sorcerers on Disks, and have had to dig around on EBay to get the number I want (6 out of the 9 Sorcerers I will eventually have).  There is that Sorcerer in the back of the group in Termie armour; not quite sure what to do with him yet.  Some crazy conversion perhaps...

Next I purchased, built and primed a squad of Scarab Occult Terminators.  I really like that fact that each squad of five has a Sorcerer as the Sergeant.  I plan on having 3 squads of these guys, each kitted out with the Soulreaper cannon and a hellfyre missile rack.  So why only 3 squads?  They run 300 points for just five, kitted out as described.  So just 15 of these chaps cost 900 points.  Given the Thousand Sons army rules and other specials, they can rock T5 and a 4++ save.  But still a might pricey, although essential as the core of any Sons army, IMO.

I have also built a squad of Tzaangors as my go-to troop choice for the Sons.  The Rubrics are just too expensive for what they can bring to the table, and getting them heavy weapons is even tougher (must have squads of ten).  So Tzaangors it is for now.  They are basically the Tzeentch equivalent of Cultists, coming at a bit higher cost (8 points/model with an autopistol and chainsword).  They do have a 6++ save for the Mark of Tzeentch (included in their cost) and are T4 as well.  They can also be taken in units of up to 30.  They will make great meat shields for the Sorcerers.  I have considered taking a Lost and Damned formation from Traitor's Hate as an alternate hoard choice on the Thousand Sons side of my army.  We shall see.

Where are those Daemons you say?  I plan on writing about plans for my Daemon contingent later this week.  But right now, I have a unit of Screamers built; a box of Pinkies and 2 boxes of Blues/Fire Babies are on the way.  Why so many Blues/Babies?  Just a friendly reminder of that crazy Split rule.  For every unit of Pinkies, I have to have 2 units of Blues/Babies for when they all split.  Lots of interesting things to do with Tzeentch Daemons in the Wrath of Magnus book, and some fun stuff from the Daemonic Incursion supplement as well.  Will fill you in on those plans soon.

In all, I've got about 20 models on the table ready for priming/painting.  I am really going to try to keep up with myself.  You know of what I speak...NOT buying 10 boxes of models a building them all before a single one is table ready.  I was really good with this with my Iron Hands/AdMech.  So I know it can be done.  But I hear those whispers in my ear..."it is so much easier to build the models than to paint one will say anything...take those grey plastic models to your next's OK."  And they say that Tzeentch is just a fictional character!

That's it for this installment.  Will post that Daemon part of the opening act later this week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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