Saturday, February 25, 2017

On The Bench: Disks, Screamers and Snow

A bit of hobby progress to report this week, some new models in the queue and it's snowing!

Started working this week on two projects; Ahriman and a unit of 3 Screamers.  I thought to knock out Ahriman's disk first.  Seemed a pretty simple project.  But two things conspired to make an evening of painting turn into three.  First, like many of you, there is that burdensome annoyance called work.  So I didn't get started until 7pm, and bedtime for Bonzo is around 9 (he wakes up around 5am).  That, and the fact that there turned out to be way more detail than I had expected.

In the end, I think the piece turned out nicely.  On the top, I decided to used some blue ink to fill all of the runes, with a highlight of Lothern Blue near the center.  On the bottom of the disk, I removed the "warp stuff" that would have connected the disk to the flying base.  It just had too much of a "silly putty" look for  me.  So I will use a regula clear plastic stem to connect to the flying base.  The Waystone Green technical I used looks really good in the "eyes" on the bottom of the disk. 

The other model I got done this week is my first ever Screamer.  Debated about color, but I decided to feather Screamer Pink, which darkened up nicely on the blue base coat, from the center mass onto the tail.  Took a while, but I am pleased with the look.  Also wanted to darken up all of the spikes, for something different than the usual ivory.  Used thin coats of Armour Wash until I got the grey color you see.  Was a bit nervous about the eyes, but they turned out pretty nicely as well.

Another project I started on was basing for my Thousand Sons/Tzeentch Daemons.  I decided that a snow and ice base would be appropriate given the setting of Wrath of Magnus (Fenris).  So I purchased a couple of Woodlands Scenics products; Flex Paste and Soft Flake Snow.  The paste is soft and easy to shape.  Can easily make drifts and other raised features.  Then, once I have the texture done, I just roll the base around in some of the Snow.  Look quite nice.  Also like the fact that it allows the snow to cover the lower parts of the models.

Finally, this week saw the arrival of four new boxes of models.  Two boxes of Blues & Firebabies, a box of Spawn (yeah baby!) and a box of Tzaangor Enlighted.  I am going to use the Enlighted as my Tzeentch Heralds.  Don't care too much for the actual Herald models, and the Tzaangors are in keeping with the Thousand Sons/Tzeentch Daemon theme of my army.  Once I finish Ahriman and the other two Screamers I am working on, I will probably move to the Enlightened.

That's it for this week folks.  Thank you for stopping by.

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