Sunday, January 29, 2017

On The Bench: Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl

My Admech finally have a unique character worthy of their glorious history...and he is truly beasty.

Since this is an "On The Bench" feature, I won't spend too much time discussing his rules.  A brief overview shows that he is an Independent Character in a Monstrous Creature's body.  He is T6, W5, a 2+/5++ save, can recover D3 wounds each turn, and can reroll his Feel No Pain.  His weapons are impressive as well.  The most impressive are an Assault 3 Melta Gun, and the Mechadendrite Hive, which gives him 2D6 S4 attacks at Initiative 10 in melee.
He can also buff Admech forces with his unique Canticles.  These include giving all non-vehicular units a 4++ save for a turn, or +3BS.  All of this for 200 points.  He is someone who I will definitely be taking to larger games (I'm coming for you Curze!).

The Palette

From a hobby perspective, Belisarius Cawl was a challenge to both build and paint.  I purchased him on the secondary market to avoid having to buy Celestine and an Inquisitor character as well.  I received the sprues, but no assembly instructions.  Fortunately, someone had kindly posted some photos of the assembly pages on the Interwebs, so I was able to squint a bit and get it figured out.  Once I had the pics, it was a pretty straightforward build.  In terms of scale, he is about twice the height of a typical Space Marine, and could easily look a Carnifex in the eye!

The real challenge was the painting.  I had watched a few videos, and learned that it was best to assemble and paint several subassemblies before putting him together, and once I had the subassemblies actually built, it was obvious why.  There is no way you can get painting access to several parts of the model if it is totally put together.  The parts and pieces are just too close in.  Especially with the two weapon arms attached.  The main bits were his upper and lower body, the two weapons arms, and his monster Admech axe (although this is just a single piece).  A couple of smaller bits were the "book of knowledge" and his cowl.

As with all of my Admech models, I started by priming him with Platemail Metal from Army Painter...the best, IMO, primer in the business.  Once this was done, I began by painting the two weapons arms.  I was a bit hesitant to paint the right arm the deep red from the photos I used as a painting guide, but once it was on the model, it looked pretty sharp.  Also provided a nice contrast to the red of his scraggly robes. 

Speaking of his robes, this color is a Brown ink from Privateer Press.  When I started my Admech army last year, I was trying to find a color that would look appropriately reflect the mechanical nature of this faction.  For some reason, straight red layer paint seemed a bit garish, so I tried both red and brown ink.  The brown ink was the winner.  I darken it on every model during the final wash.

I decided to paint most of the cable yellow, while leaving a few green or blue.  The yellow seemed a good contrast to the metallic silver, and once it had a dark wash, seemed to fit well with the rest of the model.  The most work was all of the bronze trim on the upper and lower body.  As careful as I tried to be, I did have to go back a few times and touch up with platemetal layer paint for the times the bronze was overpainted into those area.

Once each of the subassemblies was fully painted, they received a coat of Armour Wash from Privateer Press.  A friend showed me the beauty of washes a few years ago, and my painted has never been the same.  I know that I probably go a bit far with it, but I like the oily, dirty finish it gives.  Seems appropriate for a 41st millennium army made of metal men.  One final note...I am not an edge highlighting fan for non-vehicle models.  Vehicles yes.  And I know that many consider edge highlighting the mark of a truly accomplished painter.  But on most models, I find it actually gives a "cartoony" look, and somehow seems a bit unnatural. 

Let me know what you think.  I am looking forward to fielding this amazing model next weekend at the annual Big Game in Milwaukee.  "The flesh is weak."


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