Monday, January 16, 2017

40K: Iron Revenants AdMech Finished!

A long time coming, the last unit of my AdMech is table ready.  Here is the whole gang in one place!

Proudly displayed on my shiny new F.A.T. mat, this is the entirety of my AdMech forces.  I finally have enough to field a War Convocation, which I plan to do at D-Company Milwaukee's Big Game in early February.  Let's take a look at a few individual units...

Imperial Knight:  Here is Spiritus Machina, the Knight Crusader of my War Convocation.  Really enjoyed finally putting together and painting a plastic Knight.  The Tech-Priest Dominus stands ready to render repairs as this big fella takes damage.

Death on Treads:  A dozen heavily armed Kataphrons provide much needed fire support.  As Heavy Battle Servitors, they can fire their heavy weapons even when moving, and can charge in the same turn they shoot.  Those Cognis flamers on the Destroyers will provide a bit of overwatch goodness to anyone thinking about charging them.

Robots!: Although very expensive to field, I love these models.  They look so retro, are very durable, and provide a nice helping of firepower.  The Combustor carapace weapons have the Torrent special rule.  Otherwise, the Heavy Phosphor Blasters can take down a fair amount of the Emperor's finest.

Corpuscarii:  These grey-skinned lighting rods are packed full of assault goodness.  Plenty of shots, Fearless, and get extra hits on rolls of shooting and assault!  Lightning does strike more than twice...lots more.

Skitarii Walkers:  Although they have limited use on the battlefield, I love these models and they turned out pretty well.  The "Lancers" actually have a bit of improved survivability, having a 5+ cover save, even in the open.  The twin-linked lascannons can provide reliable long-range fire support.

Ruststalkers:  Fast, fast, fast!  These wiry servants of the Omnissiah get +3" to move, run and charge, and can do all three in a single turn.  Their Transonic blades are AP2 on 6s first turn of assault, and AP2 every turn after that.  If they survive into the second round of close combat, watch out Termies!

Tech-Priest Dominus and Escort:  Here is one of my two Tech-Priests with a Thallax escort.  I plan on using the Thallax to escort Belisarius Cawl at Big Game, despite the fact that they are 30K.  Who's to say that someone of Cawl's stature couldn't have preserved such technology since the Heresy?

Dunecrawlers:  Some survivable Heavy Support (5++ save), I magnetized these vehicles to give them some tactical flexibility.  They can either carry a Neutron Laser (shown) for some S10, AP1 love, or an Icarus Array to blast those pesky flyers out of the sky.

The AdMech were a 40K players dream come true for me, and I am excited to finally get them to several games in early February!  If you like what you see, let me know, and if you are so inclined, would you take the time to become a follower?  Many thanks!

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  1. They look awesome. I look forward to seeing them up close.


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