Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Suprise: Traitor Legion Transfers!

Just opened my first box of Scarab Occult Terminators, and what did I find hiding inside?  Transfers for the Traitor Legions!!!

This will not be a long article.  Just wanted to share some great news with the readers, especially those Traitors (or potential Traitors) among you.

I was certainly not expecting this.  Thought they wouldn't include anything in the way of transfers, or maybe even be cheeky and put another sheet of Loyalist transfers in.  You know, the transfer sheet that any 40K player has about 50 of?

Not so, says the new GDub.  There is stuff here for everyone.  Thousand Sons, Alpha Legion, World Eaters, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Emperors Children.  The only thing that is not apparent is Death Guard.  Although, there are some designs with three skulls on them in the traditional Mark of Nurgle triangle...perhaps those fit the bill.  Just don't recall seeing the skull motif for Nurgle before.

Some transfers are sized for pauldrons (yes!), some for vehicles.  There are even generic Chaos-style transfers as well.  Also, some designs are multi-colored, but this is not the case for all the Legions.  The other thing I like about this sheet is that there are plenty of transfers to go around.  I will only be using the Thousand Sons stuff.  The rest will be donated to worthy (or unworthy in the case of Traitor Legions) causes...fellow Chaos players!

Since Thousand Sons are the first "new" plastics to arrive for the Traitor Legions, hopefully this sheet will be included in any Legions that arrive in the future.  For now, I will happily get these bad boys attached to my first Scarab Occult figs. 

All Is Dust!

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