Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On The Bench: Hobby In A Small Space

An island (at least part of it) in the kitchen is what I have after moving from a house to a condo...but I have made it work!

We moved to a condo from our home of many years, and one of the biggest changes was my hobby space.  I used to have a spacious work bench in the garage, and the great outdoors to do my spray priming most of the year.  Now, I have about a quarter of our kitchen island.  Despite this change, however, I have built and painted lots of models, using a bit of organization and creative storage solutions.  Just wanted to share a bit of my experience.

This first pic is of my current project; an Armoured Task Force for my Iron Revenants (Fist of Medusa) Strike Force.  At the time of this writing, the second Predator has been assembled.  Waiting for the arrival of the third.  You can see the ancient bed spread that is the foundation of my work space.  It has probably absorbed a bottle of super glue and a couple of pots of paint over the years.  But it protects the granite counter, and I can still put other work surfaces (an old wooden cutting board among them) on it when I need to use my x-acto knife for cutting transfers.

The next pic is the most recent iteration of hobby supply organization.  Yes, it is a Citadel product.  This case holds almost all of my hobby needs.  It holds my paints, inks, glue, tools, brushes and other misc. stuff (like my digital camera and charger!).  The cover is an great work surface, with rubber grips to keep it from slipping.  The tough plastic is also a great place to cut out transfers with an x-acto.

To be more specific, it holds 49 paint pots, 15 ink bottles, 20 paint brushes, 12 files, my rail cutters, x-acto, sprue cutters and 3 bottles of super glue.  That is a massive amount of hobby supplies.  For a very reasonable price, I have what is in effect an all-in-one hobby supply center, especially given my space constraints.

My basing supplies are kept in a separate plastic bin.  Additionally, since I don't own (nor have the space for) an air brush, I have an ample supply of Army Painter spray cans for priming/base coating.  These are also kept in a separate container.  Spray painting in done in our underground parking garage.  It gets a bit hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the temperatures are within tolerance in term of the paint setting.  It also gives me a place to set them as the paint dries, and those lovely VOCs leach off into the air before taking models back up to the condo for painting and basing.

That's it for this week.  Waiting for that last Predator to arrive so I can get to priming and painting the Armoured Task Force...now where did I put that Tech Marine?  I could swear he was around here somewhere...

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