Thursday, June 23, 2016

On The Bench: Walk The Walk

Finally got a couple of my Skitarii Walkers finished up, and transfers/basing on my Vanguard.  Take a look...

I have had my Skitarii Walkers built and primed for a while, just didn't get around to putting paint to these guys.  Even though on the table they may not be all that survivable (2HP and AV11), I really like the look of the two Skitarii Walkers (Dragoons & Ballistarii).  So I am planning on eventually building two Ballistarii (twin-linked lascannons) and three Dragoons (Taser Lance).  The two Ballistarii are done; the Dragoons are coming later this summer.  As usual with my AdMech, I prime with Army Painter Plate Metal.  Detail colors include Lothern Blue, Sycorax Bronze and Mephiston Red.  Privateer Press Brown Ink provides the rich Mechanicus read.   Here is what the finished Walkers look like...

Since these bases are bigger than the rest of my AdMech, will be adding autumn colored lichen for some depth, on top of the ballast/ink that I usually employ (see the Vanguard below).

The Onager Dunecrawler was actually an interesting assembly process.  I showed the magnetizing of the primary weapons last post, and it looks great on the finished product.  Also, there were LOTS of bits to glue onto the hull, including hand rails, ladder rungs and antenna.  Finally, the paint scheme was something I thought about for a while.  Most of the pictures show a lighter color on the legs and lower hull.  However, both my Iron Revenants and AdMech have a strong bronze paint theme, so I finally settled used bronze to highlight both lower and upper hull details.  Once it is washed, it looks very metallic and in very consistent with the AdMech narrative.  You will notice I did not use a base for this model.  The base is just too large and makes no sense to me in terms of game play.  This Dunecrawler is armed with either a Neutron Cannon (anti-vehicle) or an Icarus Array (anti-air/skimmer).

Finally, here are the finished Vanguard.  Last post, these guys did not have finished bases or transfers.  So both those things have been completed.

Next up will an Assault Squad to be used in a Skyhammer Annihilation Force...or maybe some Sigmar models??!!

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