Monday, June 13, 2016

On The Bench: Skitarii Goodness

It's been a long time...too long.  Finally put glue to plastic and paint to primer again.  Let's take a look.

Still in the process of getting my AdMech force assembled...I have a few more models to get through the assembly line, including 3 Sydonian Dragoon Walkers (assault).   Also have a couple of squads of Electro-Priests to put together as well.  The Ballistari are primed now (see below), and a fun project they were.  Very busy models with lots of stuff poking out here and there.  But they look pretty good, and those twin-linked Lascannons at BS4 should come in handy now and again.  I have yet to purchase the Sydonians; basically Walkers with Taser Lances and a 5+ cover save.  They certainly pack a punch on the charge...each has four S8 attacks.  Might make some tank drivers nervous.

I have also added a Dune Onager...a crab-like Walker that can hit hard on the ground or in the air.  Since using them will be situational, I did a bit of magnetizing so I could have both a S10 shot for armour, or several (eight) Skyfire shots from the Icarus Array if there are any flyers about.  You might notice that the Onager is a bit more of a Boltgun color that the other Skitarii infantry.  Just wanted to differentiate a bit, and the silver primer seems a bit too much for a large vehicle.  Still, should look pretty good then I get paint on this guy.

The last group of models (that I actually finished) are my Vanguard.  A bit different than the Rangers (helmets vs hoods), I stuck with the silver primer and Mechanicus Red for the robes.  One of the interesting, and challenging, parts of assembly is matching legs to torsos.  I needed to pay careful attention to the numbering on the sprues, as it is not a mix and match situation.  Specific torsos go with a certain number leg, and so I carefully matched them, and kept them together, even when on the paint bench.

The other thing about both the Rangers and the Vanguard shown here is that the Special Weapons (more like weapon) in the sprues do not provide the number you will need to kit out two five-man squads.  For example, you are only given a single Plasma Caliver; you can have two per five-man squad.  The same is with true to the Arquebus in the Ranger squads.  So if you ever consider Special Weps for these guys, be sure to have a source for the bits you need.

In terms of color schemes, I give the models a silver primer from Army Painter, and then detail with Lothern Blue for all the radium on the weapons, eyes and kit.  A fair amount of Bronze detail as well (no Gold), then the inside of the robes get a Bone dry brush.  Brown Privateer Press ink on the robes is next; funny thing is, on the silver primer, the brown turns into a nice Mechanicus Red.  I then finish off with Privateer Press Armour Wash.

The basing on all my individual models has been a model railroad ballast which I attach using wood glue.  The I add a generous helping of Brown Ink to give the Martian red look.  On the larger models (Walkers), I will use the same technique, but will add red/orange/yellow lichen for a bit more depth.  As soon as I get the Ballisteri and the Onager painted, I will post again to show you the final product.

Hope you enjoyed this episode of On The Bench.  Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping to take a look.

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  1. Love the skitari scheme. Very industrial and gritty!


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