Friday, March 25, 2016

On The Bench: Iron Revenants Scout Detachment

Here is the core of the Iron Revenants fighting force...The Heart of Iron Scout Detachment.

In the early stages of developing a narrative for my Iron Revenants Space Marines, I wanted an element that would be unique and tie in, at some level, with a significant event in the history of the parent clan; Clan Raukaan.  The Gaudinian Heresy was that event.

Besides causing fundamental changes in the organization of Clan Raukaan, a critical lesson noted by Chief Librarian Lydriis was the need for reliable pre-deployment intelligence.  The lack of reliable intelligence, in large part, was responsible for the dire consequences of the Heresy, including the loss of an Iron Father and many battle brothers of Clan Raukaan.

With this in mind, Lydriis, also the founder of the Iron Revenants, felt that a strong presence of Marine Scouts would be essential for a quick-response force like the Iron Revenants.  The Heart of Iron consists of six Scout squads, four Land Speeder Storms and two Scout Bike units.  Half of the squads are armed for long range, harassment combat.  3 Marines armed with Sniper Rifles, 1 with a Missile Launcher, and the sergeant armed with a Combi-Grav.  The other three Scout squads are armed with 3 Bolters, 1 Heavy Bolter and the sergeant again armed with a Combi-Grav.

The leader of Heart of Iron is Veteran Sergeant Dyognes.  I use the Sergeant Telion model and rules.  Like Telion, Dyognes has refused reassignment to other positions within the Strike Force, and has served Clan Raukaan as a member of the Iron Revenants for over 250 years.  One last fact regarding Heart of Iron organization:  these six Scout squads are the only Troop choices in my Space Marines army.

The Land Speeders are armed as required based on the anticipated opponent.  Their default weapon is a Heavy Bolter, but Multi-Meltas and Heavy Flamers are also available for use.  The Cerberus Launcher, a weapon unique to Storms, provides a reliable large blast weapon.  The Bikers are armed with Astartes Grenade Launchers (although modeled with Bolters).  The bike models are from Titan Forge;  I thought they had a much more dynamic look than GW Scout Bikes.  I replaced the Titan Forge heads with GW Scout head bits for some continuity.

The color scheme for the Heart of Iron reflects my view that too many Space Marine Scouts wear clothing that lights them up like a neon sign.  Yes, I understand the Codex Astartes and all that.  But bright red or blue for scouts that infiltrate and are stealthy?  Just me...just sayin.  Anyway, I used a Euro Gray primer for the camo green base color.  The shoulder guards are all black to honor the Iron Hands.  Other than that, I used muted green and brown for details.  Finally, I chose to use transfers, both Iron Hands and Clan Raukaan, for an element that would provide some visual continuity.

Let me know what you think.  The next On The Bench will feature my Command Squads and Centurions.

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