Saturday, March 5, 2016

On The Bench: Cerastus Knight-Lancer

Finally took the plunge and bought my first Knight.  So many to choose from...which one, which one?  I went with the Forge World Cerastus Knight-Lancer.

Not only is this my first Knight, but my first Super-Heavy as well.  I had a blast putting this guy together; such a different assembly/painting experience.  I have been putting together 40K models for many years, but his one was unique to be sure.

The narrative for Tempestas Summonitor (yes, I named my new toy) is one of a Freeblade Knight from the Stryken System.  Stryken is a Knight World near both Medusa, the Iron Hands home world, and Agripinaa, a Mechanicus Forge World.  Tempestas was originally of the House Belisarius, and had served as a Knight for over 80 years.  But during the evacuation of St. Josmane's Hope, Tempestas was forced to destroy a fellow Belisarius Knight that had turned to the Dark Powers.  His Knightly House was not concerned with the details; they judged him and he was sent to Agripinaa as a Cerastus Indentured Knight.  He served the Mechanicus faithfully for over 150 years.  It is thought that his original pilot had perished during battle, and the Mechanicus clandestinely provided a suitable substitute.  Whatever the truth, he was released from Mechanicus service at the request of Chief Librarian Lydriis of the Iron Revenants Strike Force.  He now serves under the partronage of Lydriis as a Freeblade.  On to modeling.

The first decision was whether or not to magnetize.  It really wasn't an issue of being able to change out weapons...the Lancer really has no weapons options.  More an issue of safe transport.  So I ended up magnetizing the torso-leg connection and the two arms.  These points give some interesting posing possibilities while being able to break the model down easily for transport to games/events.

The next decision was color.  I am a big fan of blue.  I also do not have an airbrush.  So I relied on a long time, reliable source of color primers - Army Painter.  I chose the Wolf Grey as a primary color, and Plate Mail Metal for the arms and legs.  Properly applied, Army Painter provides such a great finish that I really don't need another coat for primary color.  The trim is primarily Bronze, a color the Iron Revenants use to display their close partnership with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Ion Gauntlet Shield was done using wax paper.  I trimmed the paper to fit the shield framework, glued it in, then gave it a quick dark blue wash.   Finished it off with a couple of coats of 'Ard Coat specialty wash; gave it a nice glossy finish and some protection at the same time.

I also choose to leave the cockpit cover unglued, and did a bit of detailing in the pilot compartment.  For such a large model, I thought it would be fun to work as much detail in as I could.  I finished Tempestas off with Freeblade transfers from GW.  There were so many transfers to choose from, but I didn't want things to get crowded.  So I took a minimalist approach to the transfer set, trying at least to be consistent where ever they were placed.

Once he was finished (he officially walked off the workbench early Feb) I actually had a chance to use him on the tabletop at a D-Company Big Game last month.  He took on and destroyed some Killa Kans, a Deffdredd and a Megadredd.  He had high initiative on the charge (I5), his Shock Lance is a D Weapon, and unlike many Knights, his Ion Gauntlet Shield gives a 5++ in close combat.  He took a few hits, but given that it was Big Game, I'm just satisfied he survived.

Hope you enjoyed.  The next "On The Bench" feature will present the Scout Detachment of the Iron Revenant Strike Force.

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