Friday, November 27, 2015

On The Bench: Iron Revenants Progress Report (November 2015)

The Iron Revenants Strike Force is moving along nicely.  Here is an update with some pics and conversion notes...this will probably be a two parter as I have loaded in quite a few new models.

As part of the continuing effort to prepare my new Iron Hands/AdMech for Big Game 2016, I set a goal of painting 5 units over the Thanksgiving Day week (11/25-11/29).  As of today, I am pretty close to on track, with a Chapter Master and a unit of Kataphrons finished, and a Command Squad in  progress.  Let's take a look...

Here is my Chapter Master (no name yet).  He is a Forge World model, since I wanted someone who actually looked like an Iron Father, rather than a generic Space Marine captain.  He is armed with a plasma pistol and the equivalent of a Power Fist; the Rage of Stronos.  He is wearing Artificer Armour and has the Gorgon's Chain attached to it.  The servo arm is not allowable kit for a Marine Chapter Master, but I decided to keep it since it is definitely in keeping with the Iron Hands spirit.

On to my latest AdMech unit.  These are Kataphon (also known as Cadillac) Destroyers.  They are a Cult Mechanicus Troop choice.  I have magnetized both the close-in weapons option (flamer or phosphor blaster) as well as the main weps; a Grav Cannon or a Plasma Cannon.  I tried out some Ryza Rust on one of the models, hence the brownish appearance.  Don't think I will do anymore like this; it looks too Nurgly to me.

I have also finished (less the base flocking) two members of a Command Squad.  Some comments.  First, the paint scheme is part of my Iron Revenants narrative.  Notice the pauldrons have Iron Hands chapter colors; black and silver.  However, the armour is a metallic blue.  This is a legacy of the Gaudinia Heresy.  The Iron Revenants, composed solely of survivors of Gaudinia, were formed at the direction of Chief Librarian Lydriis, with the blessing of Iron Father Stronos.  In honor of the defeat of a Slaanesh Daemon Prince by Lydriis during the battle, Iron Revenants veterans insisted on painting their armour in the color of the Librarius.  The bronze (NOT gold) accents on armour and weapons honor the close relationship between Raukaan and the Adeptus Mechanicus. 

In terms of modeling, the Storm Shield, Sword Fist (functionally a Chainfist) and Power Sword are from Kromlech.  These folks make amazing bits, and I recommend you check them out.  I used these bits because I wanted a Command Squad that was unique.  It is certainly kitted out:  an Apothocary with a Power Sword, four Storm Shields, two Chainfists, two Power Fists and four Plasma Pistols.  Yeah, I know...but they are unique and worthy of a Chief Librarian or Iron Father.

As for other completed models, I now have four Razorbacks (barrels yet to be drilled out), four Land Speeder Storms and two Vindicator Las-Destroyers.

Hope you enjoyed the photo gallery.  Time to get back to work.  In the next installment, I hope to have the entire Command Squad and a squad of Assault Marines to show you.

Mid-February (Big Game 2016) is approaching fast...thank goodness for the weekly hobby night with my mates.

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