Wednesday, October 21, 2015

40K: Back On The Bench With Forge World Mechanicum

I have been a busy hobbyist over the last several weeks; buying, assembling, painting.  Here is the latest Iron Revenants progress report, focusing on my work with 30K Mechanicum models.

As part of the narrative for my Iron Revenants Strike Force, the Revenants, as is true with all Iron Hands, have a close relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus.  So I have started to add some 30K units I found of interest, and which I know will add a unique flavor to my new army.  All of the units you see here are from the Mechanicum Taghmata Army List.

Let's start with the Vorax Battle Automatons.  These bi-pedal, insect looking models sport a pair of rotor cannons and either a Lighting Gun or an IRad cleanser.  They are Monstrous Creatures with 3 wounds and T5.  The first pic is of the parts, cleaned and ready for some glue.  I have started using fingernail glue on the resin; it is faster acting than regular superglue, and creates a tenaciously strong bond.

The next pic is the Vorax models assembled, and then painted.  I hit them with a base coat of Army Painter Platemail Metal, which gives a great metallic undercoat for all of my Mechanicus models.  Then applied some Brown Ink from Privateer Press, and an Orange Wash from Citadel.  The finishing touch is application of Armour Wash Ink for highlighting, also from PP.

These guys are Thallax; they are Jet Pack troops with 3W and T5.  They are armed with Lightning Guns and Phased Plasma Fusils.  When finished, I will have a unit of 9 of them, accompanied by a Librarian with a Jump Pack.  It should be fun to push these guys around the table.  I again primed them with Platemail Meta, and then applied an Orange Citadel wash.  On this base color, the orange turns into a nice aged/rusted look.  Really like this affect.  Some other colors include turquoise ink (looks green after applied) on the Jet components, and a light blue on the weapon baffles.

Finally, we have a Tech-Priest Auxillia with 4 Servo-automata.  These guys can grant +1 to certain unit FNP rolls, and improve repair rolls for vehicles.  Again, a based of the Platemail, with a combination of Orange Wash and Brown Ink to get the look you see.

That's it for this installment.  Look for additional updates on Iron Revenant progress in the near future.  We will focus on vehicles next time.

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  1. They are looking good. I look forward to blowing them up someday. muhahahaha!


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