Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On The Bench: Iron Revenants Progress Report (July 2015)

Last couple of weeks have seen significant progress on the Iron Revenants Strike Force.  Take a look at what's been going on...

Let's take a look at the Strike Force elements that have arrived planet side so far.  We'll start with the HQs...

- Chief Librarian Lydriis.  This is one of the old metal Terminator Librarians repainted in the metallic blue of Clan Raukaan leaders and line marines.  He carries the Mindforge Stave which he used during his destruction of the Sapphire King; a greater daemon of Slaneesh.  He is Chief Tigerius' alter ego in Clan Raukaan; equal in both psychic strength and wisdom.


- Tech-Marine/Master of the Forge.  Master Natus is a veteran of several successful campaigns against both Orks and Traitor Marines.  He proudly displays the Chapter symbol on his knee pad and the Clan marking on his left shoulder guard.

- Tech-Priest Dominus Feist.  Originally from the Forge World of Agripinaa, Feist has been part of the Iron Revenants since its inception.  He was personally recruited by Chief Librarian Lydriis due to his extensive experience fighting Dark Mechanicus forces throughout the Segmentums Pacificus and Obscurus.  His primary weapon mechadendrite is magnetized; he can carry either a Volkite Blaster or an Eradication Ray.  He has also earned the right to carry the Uncreator Gauntlet.

- Agripinaa Kastelan 24-Zeta.  The Agripinaa Kastelan Robots wear the traditional red of the Cult Mechanicus.  However, since being allied with Clan Raukaan, Iron Father Phobar requested that the traditional blue of the Clan be integrated into the armor.  So it is that shoulder, knee and foot joints recognize the bond between Mechanicus and Marines.  All hand and carapace weapons have been magnetized to give the Kastelans maximum tactical flexibility.

- Scout Squad Aekon.  Scouts form the heart of the Iron Revenants Strike Force.  Squad Aekon's color theme is representative of all scouts in the Iron Revenants.  Their left shoulder guards display the Clan Raukaan symbol; there are no other markings on their armour.  The shoulder guards are painted black in recognition of their parent Chapter.  Otherwise, Strike Force scouts wear colors that allow them to perform their duties based on the environments they serve in.  Most recently, the Iron Revenants were crucial in the cleansing of the arborial planet Malintor Secundus, hence their current color scheme.  Several, but not all, Iron Revenant Scout squad utilize Land Speeder Storms as transport; a couple of these are being assembled/painted as we speak.  Finally, all Veteran Sgts will carry Combi Weapons.  In this pic, Sgt Aekon (left) is carrying a Mechanicus pattern Combi-Bolter (actually a Forge World Grav Gun).

- Iron Revenant Rhinos.  These ubiquitous transports carry the mark of both Clan and Chapter, as do all vehicles of the Strike Force.  The color scheme is similar to that utilized by the Strike Force Scouts.  Both of these Rhinos were stripped and repainted; it pays to recycle!

Hobby Notes.  It has been enjoyable working on a new 40K army.  Being able to use the experience I gained with my Tyranids has been invaluable.  Also I am using two new (for me) modeling tools.  First, I am using transfers to give more character to my models.  Forge World has a really great Iron Hands transfer sheet which I was very glad to see.  Second, I am using inks for the first time instead of washes.  I am using Privateer Press inks.  The inks provide a really vivid color/shading effect, and it has been fun to experiment with different colors and techniques.  The red on the Mechanicus models and Tech Marine are actually a brown ink over a Army Painter Platemail primer; it looks so much better than the red ink...it pays to experiment with the colors on other primed models before going all in.  The primer I am using on the Scouts and vehicles in a Euro Grey.  Finally, need to drill out a few more gun barrels; it's the little things that count!

Be sure to stop by on a regular basis to see how things are going with the Iron Revenants.  I am shifting to painting my Infinity models for the next couple of weeks, so there should be more Space Marine/AdMech stuff to see just about the time school is staring in late August.


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