Saturday, July 18, 2015

40K: Iron Revenants Strike Force

Even though I have stepped back from 40K, I am still committed to being ready for D-Company's annual Big Game next spring.  As Hive Fleet Prometheus fades into memory, the Iron Revenants Strike Force is preparing for the big rumble!

Iron Revenants Strike Force - The Narrative

(Note: My choice of this Space Marines chapter has been inspired by Iron Hands, Wrath of Iron and the extensive backstory in the Clan Raukaan supplement.)

After the disaster of the Gaudinia Corruption, Espistolary Lydriik and Iron Father Stronos realized that Clan Raukaan needed to tread a new path.  Not only fundamental changes in Clan philosophy, but changes in the tactics of engagement as well.  From this realization came the idea of the Iron Revenants Strike Force.  In the past under Iron Father Kristos the Clan had charged, fully committed, into their enemies without understanding the threat they faced.  The Iron Revenants would be structured to provide extensive pre-battle, on-site intel, while staying true to the Clan strategy of striking with a mailed fist.

The primary detachment contains a significant number of Scout squads, many mounted on Land Speeder Storms.  There are no Tactical or Assault squads in the Strike Force.  The Scout contingent is supported by a variety of transports; Rhinos, Razorbacks, Land Raiders and Drop Pods.  The transports contain the heavier element of the Force.  This includes Tech-Marines with Thunderfire Cannons, Librarians, Command Squads, Centurions, Terminators and Dreadnaughts.

In addition to the Marine elements, the Strike Force has Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knight units available for deployment.  Clan Raukaan, much like the rest of the Iron Hands chapter, have established a strong alliance with the Lords of Mars.  Forge World Agripinaa is on Medusa's doorstep, and all of the Mechanicus forces that deploy with the Iron Revenants originate there.

The Imperial Knights that go to battle with the Iron Revenants are all Freeblades.  The Iron Hands home planet, Medusa, is relatively close to the Knight world of Dutonis and the Stryken System.  This gives those Knights which choose to leave their parent Houses easy access to an Imperial combat force that gladly welcomes their support.

Iron Revenants - Game Play

I have owned the Clan Raukaan supplement since it came out in 2013.  What I enjoyed most about it was the extensive backstory provided in the book.  In fact, the vast majority of the book is back story;  their are only a few pages devoted to Clan-specific rules.  As for game play, I will use Iron Hands Chapter Tactics from the Space Marines codex.  Additional Chapter Tactics from the Clan Raukaan supplement allow 1) Dreads to be taken as Elites or Heavies and 2) Tech-Marines to be taken without counting against FO requirements (as long as other HQ choices are taken).  I will not be able to access Relics from the Space Marines codex, but will instead use those in the Clan Raukaan supplement.

In terms of models, as stated in the narrative, I will take no Tactical or Assault marine squads.  My only  marine troop choices will be Scout squads, some of which will have Land Speeder Storms.  For those who think I'm nuts for denying myself access to such basic units in the Marine codex, let me explain.  I want to give a great deal of credit to my friend Mark and his friend Peter.  Listening to their embryonic podcast, NGC 40K, is very inspiring in terms of being reminded of the importance of narrative.  Their devotion to narrative is inspiring, and helped me to understand how important it is to actually enjoying 40k, not just throwing dice and smacking someone around on the table.  

The extensive use of Scouts is consistent with my narrative, and so I will strive to be true to that.  Only using Clan Raukaan relics is also being true to the narrative.  For those who would say my use of a Librarius Conclave is the flavor of the day, it is also consistent with the post-Gaudinia Corruption narrative; the chapter's use of Librarians and Chaplains increased significantly after this event.  Additionally, I will be using several Tech-Marines in my lists.  This is consistent with the Clan narrative, and with the Clan-specific rule set.  Finally, I will be making extensive use of vehicles.  Rhino/Razorbacks, Land Raiders, Drop Pods, Dreads and Predators.  Everything and the kitchen sink.  But this chapter is all about the machine.

In terms of my Mechanicus and Knight allies, these will be used on a case by case basis.  The Mechanicus will always include some Tech-Priest Dominus and Kataphrons/Kastelans.  My Skitarii will include Sicarian models of some type.  The Freeblades, if taken, will be kitted out depending on the threat I am facing.  As many others have, I plan to heavily magnetize my Knights.

That's it for the intro to the Iron Revenants Strike Force.  By the time the next installment comes around, I hope to have at least a few models table ready so that I can discuss my color scheme.



  1. Nice sticking to your narrative guns! That's hard to do sometimes. I find people are always shocked when i show up with so many ork walkers. On sat, most of the people playing hadn't even seen some of them, because they suck so bad nobody uses them!

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