Sunday, May 3, 2015

Prometheus Is Changing - The Power of Adaptation

Just like the Tyranids themselves, Prometheus is about to change.  This weeks post talks about why and how...

Some of you may have read the article on BoLS regarding my parting of the ways with 40K.  For those that did not, I am going to post a modified version here, and talk about the future of this blog.

40K and I are like friends that have grown apart, but are still fond of one another.  It is a decision I am making after 15 years of playing an amazing game with a group of great people.  It is a change that I have been transitioning to since last summer.  I am still following the hobby closely.  Reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and otherwise keeping an ear to the ground.  In other words, I will no longer be an active 40K player.   The real question then, as mentioned earlier, is why leave the 40K hobby for board games and other minature gaming systems?
Sunset 2
- Time.  It is tough when you have so many conflicting priorities and a limited amount of time.  40K is one of my options.  However, so are board games, and most recently, Infinity.  Of course they are different types of gaming systems; I get that.  However, given the limited time any of us have to spend enjoying gaming, any gaming,  I have decided to invest my time in board games and other miniatures systems.  The other consideration in terms of time is the construction, converting and painting of models.  Because of the scale, say to start a new army, required in 40K, the time to prepare the necessary models for the table is very high.  Compare this to the time it takes me to put together and paint the 8-10 models required for a table ready list, for any faction, in Infinity.  Board games come with the necessary parts and pieces already prepared.    Each of us has a choice as to how we spend our precious free time.  Family, friends, gaming (of MANY kinds), sporting events, etc.  My choice is to move away from 40K.
Sunset 3
- Money.  Here it comes you say.  The bottom line.  It is definitely a part of my decision.  In February, I spent about $250 on three Tyrannocytes and six Zoanthropes.  This represents three transports and one (or two) elite choices.  Not anywhere close to being a table ready force.  For those same dollars, I can put at least two faction lists (different factions by the way), ready for gaming, on the table in Infinity.  It is not about the dollar cost per model.  Frankly, that may well be comparable.  It is the cost to put a competitive, playable and interesting list on the table.  It is the "buy in" cost of 40K that is the issue.  
Sunset 4
This has been even more of a concern with all the new product GW has been churning out at an incredible pace.  I wanted to start a Space Wolves army.  Is a Tzeentch Daemonkin dex in the future? With either of them, we are talking thousands of dollars to get a flexible and competitive army built; not to mention a respectable number of points.  Oh yeah; let's not forget about that time thing again.  How long do you think it would take to build and paint an entire new 40K army?  This is a serious consideration when making such a serious commitment.
- Alternatives.  If GW had given me an alternative, I would have stayed onboard.  Wait, there WAS an alternative skirmish based system.  It was called Necromunda!  I have the rulebook, and about two dozen 40K/WFB figs I converted to fit the Underhive venue.  I absolutely loved a skirmish game grounded in the 40K universe.  If there was product and support, I would be in all the way.  However, they decided NOT to support Necro, and so it died a slow, sad death.  Yes, there is a Necro presence out there...but it is hard to find and rare.  GW made their decision, which helped me make mine.  
Hearn, thermal generating station in toronto
The Future of Prometheus - Going forward, Shadow of Prometheus will be a blog about gaming in many forms, no longer focused on a single army and a single gaming system.  I will be writing about many different board games, some of which you may, or may not yet, have played.  Some of these games may even be part of the Grimdark.   There will also be commentary on my Infinity journey.  I have been building, painting and playing for about six weeks now;  I love it!.  I will discuss not only actual game play, but new releases, hobby tips and resources.  There will also be a generous share of commentary.  I may even slip in some 40K once in a while!
Finally, my sincerest thanks to those who have travelled with Shadow thus far.  It is truly amazing that so many people from so many places have taken the time to stop by.  I hope that I can continue to make it something you will return to week after week for a different perspective on gaming.
"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, rather it is those that are able to change." 



  1. I always find that it is the love of miniatures and the stories surrounding them that drive everyone to these hobbies and blogs, and really regardless of system, if you are putting brush to model, you'll always find like minded friends!

  2. Good luck in your future endeavors. I will still follow Shadows since a lot of the board games out there interest me, I just don't have anyone to play them with.

  3. I have diversified as well. Play so little 40k (but also still follow, and model still) my blog has become a freeform log of my life in general, not just gaming.


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