Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Frustration of Limited Editions

I have to say I am quite disappointed in the direction it seems that GW has taken with some of its most interesting new releases.  In particular, Shield of Baal - Leviathan.  I see this on BoLS as a rumor and walk over to the fridge for a cold pint.  I take a look at my computer screen a few minutes later, the damn thing is sold out!

I have been a Nid fan for several years, and am one of the first to jump in once I have actually seen the rules for a new model and figure out what it can do for Prometheus.  Crones, Exocrines, to name a few, have been added to my arsenal.  I even own two Barbed Heriodules who, granted, do not get a lot of work.  But I found the previously model of enough interest after a bit of thought to invest in them.  Yes, each purchase we make is an investment; in money and time.  Lots of money and time.

Why is it then that GW decided that Shield of Baal - Leviathan would be something they would produce in limited quantity?  I know this is a rhetorical question, but don't they know their audience?!  If they had given many of us just a bit of time (even a few days), we very likely would have purchased this box set.  Once I had more definitive information on the contents and cost, I would have been all in.  Certainly worth it for just a few dollars more than the price of a  Tyrannocyst!

Moreover, Larry Vela at BoLS just wrote a commentary on the future of GW given that they have a new CEO.  It specifically mentioned the whole issue of Limited Editions and how he sees more of this down the pike.  This is discouraging, frustrating and smacks of elitism to me.  I am deliberately being penalized by GW because I am a thoughtful player who wants to make an informed decision about the products I buy.  What is really perplexing is that GW knows it could have sold tens of thousands more dollars of Shield and yet limited the sales through intentionally limiting the supply of this product.  What gives?

I would imagine it is even worse for Blood Angels fans who are still waiting to get the word on a new dex.  If I had a Sons of Sanguinius army, I would have certainly have been in the market for this box set ; it absolutely reeks of Blood Angels.  The question is...would I have invested in it not knowing when, or if, my new dex is coming out?

My final concern is than this smacks of elitism.  I am a dedicated hobbyist and have invested much of my money and time in my Tyranid army.  Yet I don't have the opportunity to buy Shield even though it has Tyranid written all over it?  This is just one more reason for me to start taking my money and time somewhere else.  Will I give up on 40K as others I know have?  HELL NO!  My closest group of friends are 40K players, and two of the major gaming events on my annual calendar are all about this game.  I will press on in hopes (however slim) that Gamesworkshop will respond.

Anyone else out there a bit frustrated by this?

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  1. BA player here and you nailed it. I wont impulse buy unless it is the codex. I will just wait for a download free since gw has its head up its ass.

  2. They are just trying to push digital. Only the hardcover is limited. They have digital available (epub, mobi, or itunes), and will most likely have soft cover down the road (as per endtimes). They are just banking on peoples froothing at the mouth crazy to snag a few early purchases at up charged prices.

  3. I was puzzled at this small limited quantity as well. If it is digital or coming in soft back then I am fine with the small limited edition of it . If it is like the void shield generator I am unhappy. I just hope we don't miss a good formation because we didn't look at their website for a few days. I knew it was coming out but didn't know it was on preorder or for sale before I knew it sold out.

    I will keep going and hope if they have anything cool in the books I can get them in the non cool version.

  4. I love new content..No matter how we get it


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