Sunday, October 19, 2014

Roaches In The Walls - Tyranids And Stronghold Assault

How do you rationalize Tyranids being able to use buildings from the Stronghold Assault book?  After all, doesn’t the Hive Mind make its own buildings, also known as bio-constructs?  Aaahh…but let’s think this through…

Sure the Hive Mind can create its own buildings.  They already have: capillary towers, brood nests, spawning pools, e.g.  They are not buildings in the way we interpret the word, but just as our buildings do, they have a purpose and functionality.  So take this up a notch and think about buildings built specifically for the purpose of war.  Why wouldn’t the Nids create the equivalent of our void shield by adapting a Zoanthrope (which has a 3+ Inv) to serve this purpose?  Could they not modify a Carnifex to serve as an immobile, armoured firing platform similar to Vengence Weapons batteries?  Need a Nid Macro-Cannon?  Just stick a modified Bio-Cannon on a huge bio-construct.

Where am I going with this?  Well let me tell you…the Hive Mind doesn’t need to create its own bastions and battlements…we have done the job for them! Why waste all that biomass when your prey has already created the objects you will need to defend your broods?  How the hell will Nids use our marvelous creations you say?  Very simple.  Remember these guys?!

Yep, Genestealer Hybrids my friends.  How much easier it would be to infiltrate a single brood of Stealers into a fortress complex?  So much more efficient than using tons and tons of precious biomass.  It would take time for the brood to gain control, but instead of killing all the defenders, infect and use them to man the weapons they themselves created! Sweet irony I say!  Imagine that Macro-Cannon turning on the remaining defenders or a Hive previously defended by this very monstrosity.  I have gone through this mind experiment because I always look for ways to rationalize my Nids using the things everyone else gets to use but they cannot.  It is true that the rules no longer prohibit Nids from including Fortresses in a Force Org.  It just seemed better to be able to have a logical explanation when I include four Vengeance Weapons Batteries in my next list.  How about a couple of Imperial Bastions?  It is completely plausible within the 40k backstory for this scenario to occur.  Now let’s see…what deviltry can I come up with next??

In other hobby news, I finished my new Venerable Dread.  Took about 6 hours of painting.  I forgot how much detail other army models have after painting Nids for so long!  The color pallet for this was 10 different paints…yeesh! Really like the way the runes on the axe and shield came out.  My next go with a Dread with be putting together a Murderfang.  Love the way the claws look on it…tasty!

Put together my first crew of Malifaux figs as well.  Have to say I like the way the sprues are organized.  Basically one fig/sprue…no hunting around on large sprues for a plethora of parts.  The sprues also stack…coolio!  The instructions for building were online but very easy to find.  Each fig also came with a Stat card for use in the game.  But damn, the bits on some of these sprues are small!  I don’t know how people with beefy hands can do this without tweezers or something…sheesh!  I put a Space Marine next to these to show some scale.  The bases for these are 30mm.  Others in the game go “Terminator” 40mm and some as much as 50mm.  Will be working on painting a few of these this week.  And no, I haven’t forgot about the riders for my Thunderwolves.  Was just focused on that Dread this week.

It’s already mid-October…that means Rock-Con (now known as What-Khan…I am not making that up!) is just a few weeks away!  A long weekend of 40K madness, drinking, Midnight Munchkin and board games!  Yeah baby!

Create, grow, feed, adapt

For russ and the all-father!

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