Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let Slip The Dogs of War - The Wolves of Fenris Have Arrived

To be honest, I was a bit uneasy about putting brush and paint to models again; it has been several months after all.  There was also the issue of color schemes.  All that said, I think we got some decent results after several days of trial and error.  More importantly, there is the discovery of some modeling products that really hit the spot…


First up was deciding on a paint scheme.  I wanted the Fenrisian Wolves and the Thunderwolves to look completely different.  So the final call was a brown on the smaller guys and black/grey on the big fellas. That done, I put a white primer on the smaller wolves and black on the big guys.  I started working the Fenrisian Wolves with a wash of Devlan Mud (now Agrax Eathshade). 
Once that had dried, I put a heavy wash of the same on the shoulders, across the back and on the tail to provide a dark contrast.

Next step was a few coats of dry brushed Gorthor Brown.  I wanted to keep the lower parts of the body lighter, so the dry brushing was focused on the top and sides of the model.  The face area also need some contrast, so the dry brushing there was also kept to the top. Once all that was dry, I detailed mouth, teeth and eyes.  The eyes…that was a tough choice.  Red was the first thing I thought of, but in keeping with the ice/snow environs of Fenris, I finally settled on a cold blue…Lothern Blue it is!  They look a bit creepy, so I may end up blacking the eye socket and then a dot of the blue.  Let me know what you think…keep or change the eyes? Last touch was a final go over with Devlan Wash.

For the Thunderwolves, started with a dry brush of Dawnstone for the grey I wanted.  The process actually involved up to three passes of dry-brushed grey; trying to get the contrast right.  Next was a very light brush of Praxeti White (my replacement for White Scar) on the face for some contrast.  The saddle got Gorthor Brown for leather and Leadbelcher for the seat.  Detailed the mouth, claws and any cyber parts, then a wash with Badab Black (now Nuln Oil).  All these big guys need now is a few riders!

 Let’s finish with the basing.  My intention this go around with my Space Wolves is to incorporate the Fenris environ somehow, so really wanted to try for some type of snow.  Many products out there, but I finally deferred to my reliable terrain partners of many years – Woodland Scenics.  The two products I used were Flex Paste for depth and Soft Flake Snow for texture.  Used a small brush to apply the paste; it is thick enough to build some depth…if you want more, just wait for a dry and add more.  It also washes off the brush very easily with water.  The Flake Snow adhered to the paste easily; no need for any extra adhesive.  I was originally going to try and smooth the paste, but I think the rough, wind-blown look is more realistic.  One word of caution…the paste at this thickness takes at least 24 hours to dry properly.

There you have it…the Wolves of Fenris!

Create, grow, feed, adapt

For russ and the all-father!


  1. Really nice work matey, very natural looking fur and I would leave the eyes as they are, I think the ice blue gives them a nice ethereal touch :)

  2. I like the ice blue as well; it's what I use on my own Thunderwolves, because 'there are no wolves on Fenris'.


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