Sunday, October 12, 2014

Can't Get A Target Lock - Rune Priest, Venerable Dread and Malifaux

What is going on?  Another tabletop gaming system?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?!  Hard to focus when you are in such a target rich environment; 40K, board Malifaux!


I was a bit under the weather past week, and a friend stopped by for the afternoon.  A Greek bearing gifts, so to speak.  He brought me the rulebook for a curious gaming system called Malifaux.  Within hours, I had caught the bug and am in the process of deciding on my first crew.  It is Gothic Horror, Steampunk and Wild West all thrown in a blender.  At first I felt a bit conflicted, given my renewed interest in 40K and the rebuilding of my Space Wolves.  However, I have also noticed that important blogs such as BOLS have posted articles on Malifaux.  If sites like BOLS are diversified enough to carry an alternate gaming system, I am reconciled to do the same.  First though, let’s see how those Space Wolves are coming along.

I finished my Jump Pack Rune Priest. A Jump Pack you say?  He does have to be able to keep up with those pets of his and those crazy Sky Claws!  Overall, pretty pleased with results.  The runes on the sword came out nicely; filled the runes with a light blue and then dry brushed over the weapon with Leadbelcher.  The one thing I had trouble with was the face.  Even with a good wash, it is not as sharp as I would like.  Thoughts?

I have also opened and assembled a Venerable Dread.  I still have a metal one of these from ancient times, but wanted to give the new box a go.  The sprues (2) are chocked full of fun toys, and enable you to build a Venerable, Bjorn or the Murderfang.  There are also many bits you will not use no matter which version you build; I may even use them to convert my old metal model into a “Slaughter” Dread.
What you see here is my choice of bits. Plan on starting the painting this week as time allows.  I chose to kit it out with the Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield just because it will be different.  That Blizzard Shield is a Dread version of the Knights' Ion Shield, giving a 3+ Invul to forward facing.  The Axe is AP2 and Master Crafted.  For the All-Father!

Now let’s talk about Malifaux a bit.  I am not going to carry much in the way of Malifaux rules discussion at this point.  I am truly a noob and have not even played a game yet…that will be remedied at What-Khan (formerly RockCon) in a few weeks.  What I will do is talk about reasons I have decided to dive in, as well as posting any modeling projects. 

So why Malifaux?  Some of the factors I have considered are model count, game mechanics, support and pricing.  I can start gaming with only 5-6 models!!!  That is absolutely nuts!  I get the fact that it is only a skirmish game.  That does not detract from the appeal of a small model count buy-in.  And the models are good quality; easily rivaling what we get with 40K.  In terms of mechanics, Malifaux uses the equivalent of a standard deck of playing cards (called a Fate Deck) to determine outcomes…no dice allowed here!  Yep, you got that right; no dice!  Moreover, the card “flips” can be “cheated” to modify results.  Rolling  “1s” may be a thing of the past!  Finally, there is a plethora of both company and fan support.  Tactica, counters, markers; all the kit you need and more.  And the rulebooks (base 2nd Edition and Crossroads) are first rate, with great play examples and very edgy artwork.  They are paperback, but are substantial, rolling in at around 300 pages each! Wow!  Price you ask?  The SAME as my hardcover Space Wolves dex! Also, I can get a crew box set with five models for around $50.
By the way, try telling me this pic is not creepy!



Enough of Malifaux.  Again, any comments made for the next few weeks will be general in nature and project based.  As for my Wolves, I have that Dread to get painted and some riders to work on.  Onward!

Create, grow, feed, adapt
For russ and the all-father!

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  1. I recently started to dive into malifaux as well. I picked up the army with the sexy nurses :). 30 bucks and done!


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