Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ghosts of Fenris - Fall Is The Time for Change

As you read this you may be thinking…he takes three months off and now he’s coming back with a new army?!  That, as they say, is the truth of it.  What is Fall for if not for change?...

Don’t misunderstand.  My Nids still, and in the foreseeable future, will be my go to army.  I have invested a great deal of time and money into them.  I know that most of you have as well, with whatever army you bring to the table on a regular basis.  Moreover, there is an emotional attachment to an army that you have played for a long time and enjoy. 

With all that as preamble, my most important goal is to stay committed to this blog.  Since early July, when I last posted, there has been much going on.  In addition starting the process of writing a children’s book, I am also learning Mandarin.  I am sponsoring a boardgame club at my school, as well as working on the design and implementation of a new high school laboratory for our science classes.  Then there is my newest hobby of boardgaming.  Lots and lots of it.   I guess the bottom line is that I have forgotten how to prioritize, trying to do everything but only having the time to do something.  So I am going to attempt to make this blog a priority again, keeping it updated on at least a weekly basis.  Thank all of you who have followed Prometheus in the past for your patience.  Now on with the show.

Space Wolves?  Really? What am I thinking?  Well, the men of Fenris were my first army when I started the hobby in 2001.  Played them for several years.  Transitioned to Space Marines, then Nids, then Grey Knights.  So this is probably just coming around full circle in a way.  As with Grey Knights, I have always enjoyed the back story of the Wolves and their “Viking” culture.  I have read every Ragnar novel, and enjoy their bitter rivalry with the Thousand Sons.  The last Wolves dex really didn’t look that unique to me, so I passed on it.  This one is different in many ways, and I am enjoying the usual pastime of building/pointing lists as I decide what to build first.

Here is what will be on the bench in the next couple of months:
-     Harald Deathwolf and 2 Fenrisian Wolves

-     Rune Priest with Jump Pack and 2 Fenrisian Wolves

-     Skyclaws (5)

-     Thunderwolves (3)

-     Wolf Lord with Thunderwolf and 2 Fenrisian Wolves

Based on the range of units and models in the dex, I am planning on building a thematic army which will deploy and engage quickly.  Mostly models in Pods, Vehicles, Speeders and Cavalry.  The other thing I am considering is allies, since I am now free to include allies in a list again (no allies for you Tyranids!).  Maybe a Knight at some point, as well as an Assassin or two!  It is also novel for me to have so many ICs again.

Some things I am considering…

-     A Stormwolf loaded out with 15 Fenrisian Wolves.  It is a flyer AND an assault vehicle

-     Rune Priests with Jump Packs buried in units of Skyclaws

-     HQs attached to large units of Thunderwolves

-     Drop Pods with Venerable Dreads with 3+ Invulnerable saves

-     Lots of Lascannons

-     Long Fang units can now hold 5 Heavy Weps

-     Razorbacks can carry TL-Lascannon or a Lascannon and TL-Plasma Gun

So much cool stuff!  I will also be able to recycle my Grey Knight Land Raiders and Rhinos…just a repaint and maybe even some new wolf bling.  Of course,  there is a major attack of regret from selling my 6 Drop Pods and 3 Land Speeders a few years ago, all beautifully painted in Space Wolf colors.  And what was I thinking selling my 2 Vendettas to my friend Chaos Mike?  I could actually use those beauties now!

Finally, I realize I will have to be realistic.  I have not built an army from scratch for a while, and know that there will be a need for patience and a willingness to get this done a model or few at a time.

Think that’s it for now.  By this time next week I should have a few models in progress and pics to post.  Also, I will be commenting on a model showcase at our local GW store.

Thanks again for your patience.  I am enjoying already enjoying the sound of the keyboard being hammered on again!

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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