Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back In The Saddle - Tools, Paint and Primed Models

Opening up a new box of parts-filled plastic sprues never felt so good!  It has been a long time since I built a 40K model…almost five months.  May not seem like a long time, but it sure felt like it.  When I removed that cellophane wrapper and opened the box of Thunderwolves, it felt like I had not done any model building in ages.  I would swear they even had that new car smell…

However, now that there are a bit over a dozen Space Wolves assembled and primed, it seemed appropriate that I talk about how I model and what my tools of the trade are.  First, my work area is on our kitchen island, since we live in a condo and really have no workbench in the traditional sense.  So I have an old cotton bed spread and an ancient cutting board to work on.  They have probably absorbed a bottle of glue and a several pots of paint between the two of them!  Occasionally I get to work outside, but the spread and cutting board follow me wherever I go.
Actual work starts with a set of files and glue that were purchased from Micro-Mark.  I have been doing business with this company since my model railroading days.  If you are ever in need of a file set or other modeling supplies, I would definitely recommend you check them out; their prices are also very competitive.  I also keep a plastic container nearby for unused sprues and a place to throw bitz that I cut off but don’t use.  Several of my gaming friends have benefitted from those discarded bitz over the years.  Time to start another batch!

I use a plastic tackle box insert for my paints and brushes.  Plenty of room for everything…even a spare compartment for my files and glue when they are not being used.  It holds both my 30 or so brushes and about 30 pots of paint.  I have three general types of brushes.  The large ones I use to apply chalk dust of various colors to vehicles.

The wide, flat brushes I use for dry brushing.  The rest are for filling/detail work.  We have an art store in Milwaukee called Blick, and they have a good selection of brushes at great prices.  I still rely on GW for my paints (NOT my primers!), and stop by the store about 20 minutes away when I need to restock.  In terms of primers, I am a fan of Army Painter brand paints.  Their product, IMO, is vastly superior to Citadel stuff.  It goes on smoothly, dries quickly, only needs a single pass and provides excellent coverage.

So now that you know where I work and what I work with, here is a shot of my newest Space Wolves, fresh from the primer factory in our parking garage.  There are 2 Thunderwolf marines, Harald Deathwolf, a converted Wolf Lord (who will ride one of the Thunderwolves) and a Rune Priest.  You will notice that the marines, Harald and the Wolf Lord are on bases.  This is only because it will be easier to handle them as they go through the painting process.  It was recommended that I paint the marines and the wolves separately, and wisely so.  As soon as they are finished, I will pop the four of them off the bases, touch up the boots, and on their mounts they go!

That’s it for this week.   I will be looking though my old stuff in the next several days to see if I can salvage anything for my Wolves to use.  By the way, a couple of my Nid friends wanted to say hello, and make sure you knew I haven’t forgotten them!

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  1. Always love seeing how everyone works, and utilizes their space. I've got a few of those same brushes! Though I find those squishy handle ones do not last very long at all. (they're also very very cheap, which is probably why).

    What are you using for your primers? I have been searching for a nice white/grey alt primer. GW's white primer is god awful, and no matter what I do, it cracks and spiders. Been using the vallejo ones in my airbrush lately, they seem to go on pretty nicely.

  2. Yea Barbed Heirodules!!! I love those guys and I am jealous you have 2.

  3. To answer your question Greg, I am pretty sold on Army Painter primers. I use the stuff in spray cans, and as I said in my post, it goes on smooth, holds well and all with a single pass. The marines you see above were done with Wolf Grey. I have been using them for a few years, and have not been disappointed. I also agree that the Citadel stuff is quite problematic.

    Grenn Dal...those two buddies are always my go-to guys when it comes to Apoc or Gods of War!

  4. Nice work.Learning the art of face painting and keeping it safe for the kids isn't hard if you follow simple guidelines.


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