Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Battle Report - Tyranids vs Eldar Part 2

We continue the conflict between Prometheus and Eldar Strike Force Antares…

Turn 4:  My FMCs finally drop out of Zoom and Glide across the battlefield.  The Eldar take immediate advantage of the change.  His left flank Avenger squad unloads into one of the Tyrants and he goes down.  His surviving vehicles shoot at my other Tyrant and he crashes to the ground as a smoking ruin.  The Farseer/Warlock Guardian squad finish off one squad of HGaunts on my left flank…of course there is another brood of talons incoming.  Worse, there are not nearly as many Guardians as there were before.  The Avatar now commits to engaging a 3rd squad of HGaunts, and moves away from an objective.  His Falcon moves perilously close to my right flank HGaunts.  Those Adrenal Glands took out a Wave Serpent already, and that Falcon looks like a tasty treat.
I hose his Guardian and Avengers with Stranglethorns.  The Avengers lose a couple, but the Guardians lose several since they are no longer shrouded.  My Tervigon moves in to engage the remaining Avengers on my left flank, and my small brood of TGaunts are starting to position to grab an objective.  The HGaunts in the center charge the Avatar; my forlorn hope for the game.  Over the next couple of turns, they will truly fulfill the role of “tar pitting,” tying up the Avatar for the rest of the game.  The right flank HGaunts move toward the Falcon, grabbing a second objective and ready to overwhelm it in a rain of scything talons.  Wondering what has happened to the Prime and the brood of Tgaunts with him?  With the Norn Crown, he has been moving incrementally to provide a central source of Synapse, especially now that the two Tyrants are gone.

Turn Four Score:  Prometheus 3      Eldar 2

Turn 5:  The Eldar have been holding against the tide of Nids so far, but the “thin red line” may be ready to crack.  On the right flank, he fires once more into my HGaunts, but does not take out enough.  His Avatar takes a swings and brings down several tormenters, but there are several left.  Just next to him, The Guardians ready themselves for another Hgaunt assault, by now thinned down by Stranglethorn, Deathspitter and Strangler fire.  His last Avenger squad is engaged with the Tervigon, and are unable to do enough damage to bring her down…she has locked them into position so her children can move toward another objective.  His remaining Wave Serpent moves into position near another objective.
My HGaunts hit home against his Guardians and the Eldar are once again locked in combat.  An ugly assault with the Farseer and Warlock as the only survivors.  Another couple of Avengers down to the Tervigon.
Kevin and I have a spirited discussion of whether to go into Turn 6 or call it now.  When we finish, we decide that there are too many variables (movement, combat outcomes, etc.) to be able to give either side the win yet.  He graciously offers a draw, but after 3 losses to Antares, I am going for it and we move into Turn 6 after the Turn 5 end game die roll.

Turn 5 Score: Prometheus 3  Eldar 3

Turn 6:  Well, we are finally at the end.  My HGaunts on the right flank take out his Falcon, and my Harpy takes out the Wave Serpent on another objective.  The Avatar finally finishes off the HGaunts swarming him, but not in time to get back to secure/contest an objective.  The Tervigon and Avengers are still engaged, but her children will now be able to grab an objective.  Turn 6 saw the solid resistance of the Eldar finally unable to hold back the tide.  All his vehicles were gone, he only had the Avatar, some Avengers and the Farseer/Warlock left.  I still had 3 MCs on the board, as well as my Prime and a fresh brood of 20 TGaunts. 
After several failed attempts, the Hive Mind has finally overcome the Eldar prey things.

Turn 6 Score:  Prometheus 5  Eldar 0

Post Battle Commentary: I actually won!  Huzzah!  Kevin is a tough opponent and is an experienced player with those Eldar.  It was a pretty good feeling to finally take him out after three previous losses.
Also, a good workout with the new rules.  We both missed a few things, but that always happens when transitioning to a new edition.  The most glaring things were forgetting one of his Psychic Phases and forgetting a few of my grounding checks.  For the most part, though, I think we did a good job of incorporating the changes, especially the changes to the pre-game deployment and turn order.

This was a good list for me against Kevin and his Eldar.  The Flying Circus helped minimize the effect of his powerful shooting.  The Tyrant load out also helped me glance his Serpents to the point where they could actually be killed.  I know he was quite frustrated at all the wings on the board.  From my perspective, it definitely made a significant difference from previous encounters.  I think he is resigned to bringing his own flyers as much as he has tried to avoid doing so.  Just the right time to change up my list and bring no FMCs!

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  1. Hey, good report! I especially liked the "7th edition commentary" amendments to Part 1.

    What's going on with the D Co site btw? Any sign of a fix?

    best to you Dan,


  2. Thanks Pete. Thought the 7th ed perspective would be helpful as we all work our way through the latest iteration of the rules. Next time you're back this way, I need a rematch against your Guard!

    In regards to D-Company, I feel like I did after Napolean's closed. It seems, at least for now, that the fellowship has scattered and we are all playing with people in our individual comfort zones. I have not seen or heard of a fix, other than a lame attempt on some Facebook-esque forum. Time will tell.

    Hope all is well on the Island. Warm regards...

  3. Hey, thought I would drop a very clumsy line. Found a guy in Madison who posted this:

    "Anyone interested in a Hierophant Bio-Titan. It is not assembled and it does not come with directions. Asking $155.... From Forgeworld 235 lbs (~$411). Any interest? Can post pictures. At work now but can post when get home. Otherwise E-Bay. Cheers"

    Let me know if you're interested!


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