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Battle Report - Tyranids vs Eldar Part 1

Wave Serpents, Death from Above and Tank Killer Hormagaunts…all this and more in the latest game against my good friend, and nemesis, Kevin… In our previous three games, his Eldar have triumphed over my Nids; the last encounter on the last turn by some wily Wraith Guard jumping out of a burning transport.  Kevin has been nigh invincible with his Eldar overall, and against my Bugs in particular.  This time, however, the battle would not end well for the Space Elves…

Note:  No pictures taken during this game, so I will be using what pics in have in my library.  Also, I am going to intersperse commentary regarding our experience with 7th edition.  Finally, this Battle Report will be posted as in two parts, due to the length of each.
The Armies (2000 pts):
Hive Fleet Prometheus:
-     2 Hive Tyrants with Wings, Twin-Linked Devourers (x2) and Hive Commander
-     2 Harpies (proxyed by 2 Hive Crones)
-     1 Tergivon
-     1 Tyranid Prime
-     2 Termagaunt Broods (30 & 20 models)
-     4 Hormagaunt Broods (Various sizes, all with Adrenal Glands)
-     1 Warrior Brood (Barbed Strangler and 2 Deathspitters)
-     Aegis Line with Comm Relay
-     1 Farseer and 1 Warlock
-     1 Guardian Squad (Mob sized, about 20-30 models?
-     3 Dire Avenger Squads
-     3 Wave Serpents (ouch!)
-     1 Falcon
-     1 Fire Dragon Squad
-     1 Striking Scorpion Squad
-     1 Vyper
-     Avatar of Khaine

We rolled for deployment and mission.  Deployment was short board edge and mission was Crusade.  We ended up with all five objectives on the board.  Most were in his deployment zone, with another on my right flank and one in my deployment zone.  We then rolled for deployment order, Kevin won the toss.  He chose to deploy first, and then to take first turn. 

7th Edition Commentary: The dynamic of the way we now place models on the board is really a game changer.  Since he does not have to decide who goes first until after both sides have placed models, it makes it more of a challenge for the person laying down his army second.  For example, I had four FMCs to bring in, and I know that if they are part of the initial deployment, they start in Glide mode.  If I place them on the board and he chooses first turn, his Eldar have a chance to shoot at me before I get the advantage of Zooming (Snap Fire only targeting on them).  If he chooses to go second, and I have kept my FMCs off the board to keep them safer, he gets a turn free of them threatening him.  That first turn roll off has always been important, but I believe more important now.

Turn 1:  So I decide to deploy my FMCs on the board so that I can fire at his army during this turn.  He makes a few initial moves to capture objectives and reveal Mysterious objectives.  He also Shrouded his monster Guardian squad with some cheesy Eldar witch power.
7th Edition Commentary:  Remember the dice set that GW sold with the graphics representing the Mysterious Objectives?  Kevin pointed out that the table explaining the graphics is not in the new book!  So GW sold us something they no longer support?  Thank goodness he had cut the table out of his 6th edition book so we actually know what the pictures meant.

He also took several shots at my FMCs, wounding one of my Harpies and one of my Tyrants.  Other than that, no major action.  I feel quite fortunate that his shooting did not take out more of my FMCs, as I did not have the Zooming bonus yet. 

So I started the game moving my FMCs into Zoom mode and firing the Tyrants at two of his Wave Serpents.  One actually took two glances, but nothing from the other…those damn Holofields!  My Harpies fired their Stranglethorns into the Guardians and Scorpions, but even with twin-linking, my shooting was horrible.  Added to that, the Guardians had a 4+ cover save from one of the objectives and the Shrouding power.  My Hormagaunt run rolls were also bad, so I was unable to move far enough forward to engage him by Turn 2.
Turn One Score:  Prometheus 1       Eldar 3
Turn 2: Another turn of maneuver and firing for the Eldar.  He fires most everything at my FMCs, but they are now in Zoom mode, so there were only 1 or 2 wounds inflicted.
7th Edition Commentary:  The change in the Grounding rules for FMCs will take some getting used to;  they are significant.  For the most part, I rolled my Grounding Checks when my Flyers took wounds, and always after he had finished all of his shooting.  But honestly, I know I missed a couple with so many models in the air.  No excuse mind you, but just one more thing to try to keep track of.  By the way, we also forget to do his Psychic Phase during this turn, so I let him take his rolls during my half of the turn.  It all works out, and until we get to know the new rule set better, we will have a bit of patience with each other.
I used my Tyrants to shoot his vehicles again, this time putting a glance on another Wave Serpent and blowing up a Vyper that was zooming about with an AP2 weapon…First Blood to Prometheus.  My Hormagaunts actually made some progress, and I would be within Assault range next turn.  My Harpies fired those Stranglethorns, but only killed another couple of models.  The biggest event during my turn was the arrival of my reserves…a Tervigon, a Mawloc and a brood of 20 Termagaunts.  I took the risk of bringing the Mawloc in under a squad of Dire Avengers the Eldar had disembarked from one of the Wave Serpents on my right flank, and he hit!  Took about half the squad out, and gave Kevin another target to worry about.  The Tervigon and TGaunts arrive on my left flank in his backfield (they got Outflank from my two Tyrants with Hive Commander…the Tervigon was a Troop in this list);  giving him another distraction!  The Tervigon spits out about a dozen TGaunts but runs out of larvae right away.  So many targets, so little time!!
Turn Two Score:  Prometheus 2       Eldar 3
Turn 3:  So the storm is finally about to hit the seawall…my HGaunts are advancing to contact.  On my right flank, the Avengers who survived the Mawloc attack unload on my closest unit of HGaunts.  They take out a few…but not enough.  The Flaming Fusion Dancers (Fire Dragons) and their transport unleash on the Mawloc; he is burnt to cinders.  The Guardian squad in his center fires at my advancing HGaunts and puts a dent in them.  The Avatar in the center advances toward another squad of HGaunts (boy, to I wish I had taken Toxin Sacs!).  Both squads of Avengers on my left flank disembark and unload into the two TGaunt broods. They wipe out one, but the other is still hanging in.
7th Edition Commentary: After three turns of Psychic phases, this new part of the rules has not had a significant effect on the game.  Granted we had a total of 9 Warp Charges between us.  I would say the most important thing that it affected so far was giving the massive Guardian squad a strong cover save.  That unit probably avoided pulling 10-12 models over a few turns of shooting.  He also cast Doom and Fortune, but in the big picture, I don’t think they were game breakers.
Mama Tervigon moves toward one of the Avenger squads to avenge her babies.  The remaining TGaunts near her do the same.  Both Tyrants unload what will be their last Devourer salvos.  One has flanked a Wave Serpent and punctures its’ rear armour, sending it crashing to the ground.  The other one savages the surviving Scorpions, destroying them.  My right flank HGaunts dive into Avengers, leaving them down to the last man.  The HGaunts on the right flank are almost into the Guardian squad, and accompanying psykers.  They are getting a bit shot up.  The Warriors and Harpies fire into the Guardians, but they are still shrouded and once more, only a couple go down.  This is going to be ugly…
Turn Three Score:  Prometheus 2    Eldar 3

Battle Report Part 2 Coming Soon!

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  1. Good read so far. Four FMCs against a list with zero skyfire is pretty abusive.

    1. Truth. Although no worse than 3 Wave Serpents against an army with basically no long range anti-vehicle weps...either glance him to death or try for a Forlorn Hope if he gets close enough to assault.


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