Sunday, April 27, 2014

Commentary - The Tyranny of Choice and Other Touching Cliches

Having been neglectful (once again) of keeping this blog current (yes, 4 weeks is WAY too long), it is time to step up and get some words on the page.  This installment will be discussing, appropriately, the things that come between us and our beloved hobby...

I have to admire those among you who are dedicated enough to not only play on a regular basis but make the time to do things like create podcasts.  Yes, I said MAKE the time.  For some it is much easier to do…no full time job, no kids, no spouse, no house, no worries.  I get it.  However, it does take effort to fit the hobby in for many people.  So much going on other than little (and not so little) plastic figs to glue and paint.  Moreover, GW doesn’t make it easier by giving us what we asked for…less time between new Codices and new models.  There, I said it.  GW actually releases a whole crap-pot of new stuff, including dataslates, models, codices, ebooks, and all within a few months of one another.  What’s a person to do?!  Seriously, could you guys lay off for just 3-4 months while I try to bloody catch up?!  This is, in point of fact, the Tyranny of Choice.

It is tough enough for those of us with a single army.  It must be even tougher for those with multiple interests.  Take a guy who has a Marine and a Guard army (sorry, I mean Astra Militarium).  In the last several months there have been a plethora of new codices, models, dataslates and supplements issued for both armies.  Knights, Inquisition, Astra, Damned, Chaos Legions, e.g.  If you do the Forge World thing, it gets even crazier.  And let’s face it…with all the new stuff hitting the shelves (both real and digital), it is difficult for us single army guys to stay focused.  After reading the Knights of the Imperium book, I really became interested in the story and the models.  Damn…now I have to think about painting bloody 40K Transformers too?!

That all being said, on to the “distractions.”  It is true that “making the time” for your time requires effort.  And those of you who do so are truly appreciated by those of us who don’t or CAN’T.  But I can tell you that between my job, having a family and trying to stay in decent shape (more work for someone in their 50s, take my word for it), the days fly by and the hobby becomes a lower priority.  Add to that taking a college course or two on the side, and those 24 hours are all but gone…unless you only sleep 2 hours a night!  I know this to be true as I look at our local 40K group, D-Company.  It is generalizing for sure, but several of our folks, that did not before, have family obligations, employment and home ownership duties that keeps them moving all the time.  It is probably a good thing that people understand what is truly important.  Just that in the context of our hobby it is fascinating to watch the changes.  Did I mention other hobby interests?  I know several 40K players who are also avid board/video/RPG players.  All a matter of figuring out how to prioritize and get to what you can when you can. 

It IS about the choices we make.  When to game? How often? What project to start next? What ARMY to start next?  It’s all good in the end, as long as our hobby never becomes an obligation.


Thought this post would be of interest to many of you who consider the same issues from time to time.  Let’s see if I can make it at least two postings this week.  Wait a minute…let me check my calendar!!!  Game on!

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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