Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Game 2014 - 120,000 Pts of 40K Insanity

It’s been a few weeks now, but Big Game 2014 was another success!  What is “Big Game?”  It is an annual tradition of Milwaukee’s D-Company gaming clan.  People from as far afield as Minnesota and the West Coast bring the stink and just about everything except the kitchen sink (that TOO if it could be converted!).  Let’s take a look at this years awesomeness…

We HQ’d in an 1800 sq. ft. meeting room at the Airport Ramada Plaza in Milwaukee.  Several of us got rooms for the weekend as the event lasted from Friday around noon until late Saturday night…a few die hards even arrived Thursday night.  We were regulars in the adjacent (literally) bar, and had a ¼ barrel tapped and ready on Saturday morning.  It would not be a D-Company event without the beer!  The count this year was around 20 active players, with an average army size of 6000 pts; several brought more…that’s over 120,000 pts on the tables on Saturday morning!!  Many also arrived Friday to play 1-1 or 2-2 games as part of a “prep” day for the main event.

I will describe the table we had set up for the event.  There were about 13 linked tables, each one 6’ x 8’.   Terrain of every kind; a beach, a city, tech buildings, a forest with Nid terrain mixed in.  A total of over 600 sq ft of playing area.  I would strongly encourage you, in addition to the pics I post here, to click on the D-Company tab on the right side of Shadow’s home page and check out the Big Game 2014 thread.

One (or two) of our group always design the game and run it.  Some are crazy enough to design, run and PLAY in the game as well (brave souls indeed!).  I can tell you from experience (I designed and ran a Big Game a couple of years ago) that is a major undertaking and commitment of time.  Our fearless leaders this year were Jay and Joe.  Designing a table layout, the structure of the game and a customized rule set, table/terrain layout…all things to be considered.  And once you see the craziness that people bring in terms of model count and the number of Super Heavies, it will really make your head spin!  One great thing about Big Game is that all comers in terms of armies are welcome.  My Nids played on the Imperial side; how crazy is that?

One of the unique elements of this year’s Big Game was that any casual games played over the preceding several months that were accompanied by posted (on D-Company) battle reports earned the posting player strategic points.  Moreoever, games played the Friday preceding the main event this year could earn additional strategic points.  My friend Mike had like 17 points accumulated…beasty!

My last post here was one of the Friday games. Many others actually got in 2-3 games that day, some of them 2-on-2.  I only played the one.  I enjoy just moving around the room and seeing what’s going on as much as playing at these things.

On Game Day (Saturday this year; some years we have started the main event Friday night), we were each matched up against opponents and the base army size was 6000 pts…no FOC limits!  My friend Steve and I actually “bid up” to around 7500 apiece…insanity reigns!  Also, several of our number own Super-Heavies and Custom models.  This year we used the Ork submarine rules, and the guys came up with some fantastic conversions!  The pics will also show some of the other Super-Heavies brought out for the event…we don’t need no stinking Escalation!

Just moving around the room and seeing all the games in progress is one of the things  I enjoy most on Game Day.  With all of the battles going on in such close proximity you would think there would be more interaction between individual battles, but even just a few feet of distance can really isolate games into their own tables areas.  As you can see, there is just SO MUCH going on all at once.

One of the other phenomenon that occurs is the occasional “empty room syndrome.”  You are in the middle of a turn in your own battle and take a second to look around…half or more of the other players have disappeared!  This is usually an indication that it is meal time, and several of our crew has retired to the bar area for alcohol and food.  Sometimes there are 10-15 of us around the bar at a time!

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at D-Company’s permiere annual even.  For more information, make sure to click on the D-Company link on Shadow’s home page. 

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