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Battle Report - Tyranids vs White Scars

I would like to start this post with an apology to each of you who have taken your valuable time to read Shadow of Prometheus.  Since last July, I have been able to post at least once a week in order to bring you my perspective on our hobby.  This has been from a mainly Tyranid viewpoint.   Since late February, I have not been able to keep up with that commitment.  The reasons don’t matter.  The good news is that we are back on track.  Thank you for your patience…let’s get this show on the road!

Swarmlord Algernon saw few of the prey creatures and their war machines on the battlefield.  But he knew they were out there.  He could sense their presence, feel their hatred.  He knew from experience they would move quickly to overwhelm his broods, coming at his swarm from unexpected directions.  He also knew what he had to do to defeat them…

This was a 2500 point matchup between my friend Joe’s “biker boys” and a narrative style “sea of blades” list comprised mainly of Gaunts of various flavors (Termagaunts, Hormagaunts and “flying Gaunts (Gargoyles)).  Because of the size of the list, I could use additional FOC slots to add a few more HQs and Elites than normal.  Here is a rough breakdown:

Prometheus…Swarmlord with Tyrant Guard (3), 2 Tervigons, Tyranid Prime, 3 broods of Venomthropes (1 ea), 2 broods of Zoanthropes (2 ea), 6 broods of Hormagaunts (w/Toxin Sacs…I knew I would be facing LOTS of T5 bikes), 2 broods of Gargoyles and a Hive Crone.

White Scars…2 squads of scouts (sniper rifles), 2 Stormbirds (aka “Bumble Bees”), 2 Rhinos with anti-air weapons, Vanguard squad with Drop Pod, Khan and retinue on bikes, 3 bike squads, and a squad of 3 speeders.

We ended up with long board deployment zones, 3 objectives (3 VPs each), no Night Fight 1st turn.  Joe went first.

Turn 1: Joe kept as much of his army in Reserve as possible.  Only units starting on the table were the two scout squads (which the dirty git deployed in the upper floors of a high rise), his two vehicles, the speeder squad and one of his Bumble Bees.  I brought on everything, and it looked way cool!

He started by taking sniper shots at one of my Tervigons. I had 3+ cover saves, but he still took off 4 wounds after both scout squads had fired.  Other than that, there was not a whole lot more going on.  I pulled a few HGaunts from shooting, but there were plenty more to go. Both of my Tervigons popped out Babies, but one nerfed on Turn 1…so much for reinforcements!

Pretty much spent my Turn 1 moving/running my entire army.  I really didn’t have any shooting, so just moved everything up.  Those HGaunts moved an average of 13” between Fleet and the +3” to their run for Bounding Leap (remember rerolls for Fleet). I was already half way across the board, and had grabbed an objective.

Score: Prometheus 3, White Scars 0

Turn 2:  A few more of his units arrived…A bike squad w/Chaplain on the right flank and a bike squad on the left flank.  He took out the Tervigon on my left flank with sniper fire for First Blood. The TGaunts next to my Tervigon almost wiped out due to the loss of their Mom.  His crazy AA vehicle and Bumble Bee grounded my Crone.  Once she was on the ground, shooting from a bike squad finished her off…a real waste of points in this game.  He also picked off a few more HGaunts and some Gargoyles.

I continued to move forward, shooting at the bikes on my left flank (Warp Blast) and trying for Horror against the guys in the high rise…out of range still…would love to pin one of those squads.  Generated Feel No Pain on a squad of Gargoyles.  Lots of Dominion to extend Synape…Swarmlord was generating 24” bubble at this point.  No real impact yet.  We are both still moving to engagement at this point, Joe picking around the edges with his shooting.  Turn 3 will be a big one!

Score: Prometheus 3, White Scars 1

Turn 3: BOOM!  The rest of his reserves arrive! Another bike squad, the second Bumble Bee, the Pod full of Vanguard haters in my backfield…no worries.  He has both his Bumble Bees fire at one of my Venomthropes who only had 5+ cover…notice the four wound rolls…yeah baby! His biggest accomplishment was removing two of my Tyrant Guard.  Those ablative wounds will be missed.  He also took out the Zoanthropes on my left flank with a bazilion shots from his bikes.  The bike squad on my right flank refused to engage…this will cost him.  My left flank is looking a bit shakey.

I roll up the right flank and grab the second objective on that side of the board.  I finally target one of the sniper squads in the high rise with Horror and pin it.  At the same time, a squad of HGaunts makes it to the high rise and assaults the sniper squad on the lower floor. He loses 7 out of 10.  I will finish them off next turn.  My Prime has been hanging with this brood until now, and breaks off and joins one of the broods coming in from the right flank.  My Gargoyles on the right jump towards the bikes on that side, ready to engage in close combat.  My Swarmlord and a Tyrant Guard assault the Vanguards.  This will not be pretty.  Swarmlord Algernon and the Guard take out half the Vanguards before they retaliate and remove the last Tyrant Guard.  Algernon is on his own…worried, me?!
Score: Prometheus 9, White Scars 1

Turn 4: Joe really lays into my left flank this time.  He has a mob of bikes, assisted by the speeder squad, that shoot the crap out of a squad of Gargoyles and another of HGaunts.  In fact, the HGaunts holding the central objective are almost gone…only 5 left…the Gargoyles are gone.  He will easily roll up the left flank if this goes to Turn 6.  Otherwise, he continues to use his Bumble Bees to try to pick off my Elites and surviving Tervigon.  Fortunately, I am still making 3+ covers and he only makes a couple of dents. 

Algernon finishes off the Vanguards, and the HGaunts in the building finish off one of the sniper squads.  The Gargoyles engage the right flank bikers and pick off a few.  They lose some as well, but are now locked in since they have Synapse and are Fearless.  The Prime has also joined them, which will ensure the bikers die.  Wait…I forgot about that pesky Hit and Run thing.  What a pain.

Score: Prometheus 6, White Scars 1

Turn 5:  Joe really presses on the left and finishes off the HGaunts on the central objective with a mass of bolter and melta fire.  They will take it next turn…unless I can get Algernon over there to engage them.  He moves the bikers on the right out of close combat using Hit and Run…only 3 of them left now.  The snipers in the high rise shoot at the HGaunts moving up the building toward them; there are still 10 left out of 18.  One more turn of Bumble Bee shooting…to no avail.  They are whiffing and I continue to roll 3+ covers like crazy.

I move my Gargoyles to screen the right flank objective in case he tries some stupid move with the nearby bikes next turn.  The HGaunts in the high rise do not make it to the guys on the top floor for an assault.  The remainder of the broods on the right flank move to screen the other right flank objective with lots of bodies.  Finally, Algernon does the only thing possible…he moves to engage the 12+ bikes on the left flank.  Even if Algernon gets into close combat, it is likely that Joe will Hit and Run his guys out of it, then shoot the hell out of my Swarmlord at the beginning of Turn 6.

We roll for Turn 6…the game ends!!!  I control 2 objectives, one is not held by either side.  He gets First Blood and Linebreaker.

Final Score: Prometheus 6, White Scars 2

I can’t be anything but pleased with the way this turned out.  Against a great player like Joe and the deep-striking/outflanking craziness of the White Scars, Prometheus did very well.  My Regen rolls totally sucked, but I rolled like a god when it came to cover saves against his flyer shooting on my right flank.  Giving him so many targets was also helpful.  If the game had gone to Turn 6, I very well may have lost both my Warlord and the central objective…saved by the bell!

The Swarmlord drove into the hail of Overwatch fire from the prey war machines.  He knew he was going to die…again.  Even if he was able to tear the prey creatures apart, they would move out of range of his Bone Sabers and finish him with weapons fire.  He faced his death, realizing his broods had accomplished their mission.  As he succumbed to his wounds, he knew that soon he would be reborn. 

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