Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad and Used Spore Pods

It’s finished!  I put the final touches on the last Noax Secundus terrain base today.  Wow…what a project!  22 bases and…wait for it…our own version of a Skyshield Landing Pad!


Since we are different than everyone else, I started by using only two footings instead of four.  Also, I didn’t want it looking too symmetrical since it is supposed to have an organic feel.  However, I still needed some structure…I do plan on putting figs on it after all.  So I wove bamboo skewers through the thick moss base. 

I then added copious amount of various colored lichen for more texture.  I hit the whole structure with some purple paint to give it a color consistent with my Hive Fleet’s color scheme.
The final touch was adding spikey bits (Honey Locust thorns) for a  more martial feel.  I am confident that once it dries it will even be able to support metal models.

In terms of rules, I will not allow Monstrous Creatures (other than FMCs) to locate themselves on this.  How does everyone else get up there?  Notice the greenish areas in the footings?  I am saying these are orifices that will open to allow creatures access to the platform.  Otherwise, it should function as any Skyshield would, with the exception that it will always be in Shielded mode.  Imagine that the structure is responsive to incoming fire and reshapes itself to provide cover for Tyranids on the platform.

The pieces I used for platform footings may be familiar to you…it is the upper half of the now obsolete Spore Pods I used regularly in the last iteration of the codex.  In the terrain base shown here, I also used a recycled Spore Pod.  I figured I might as well put the models to good use since they were already painted.

I certainly enjoyed the creativity this project allowed me to exercise.  But I am glad to be moving on.  You should expect to see Noax Secundus terrain in coming battle reports.  It will certainly be on display in all its’ glory at the upcoming D-Company Big Game starting February 28.  Hope you have enjoyed it.

I will start posting Big Game reports beginning next Sunday (March 2).  Expect at least three posts and LOTS of pics.  Over 100,000 points on a monstrous board.  It will be awesome!

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