Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noax Secundus Terrain Project - Almost Finished!

It has been awhile since I reported on where we were with this massive terrain project (20+ bases when finished).  At the last progress report we had a whopping four bases done.  I am happy to report that I just finished the 16th base!

Yeah!  After the rush of all the new models I put together from the new dex in early January, I finally made the time over the last two weeks to get this on track.  I still have five more bases to finish in the next three weeks (before D-Company’s Big Game in late February). 

I also have my Tyranid Aegis Defense Line in the queue.  Wait…I also have another wave of models arriving this week…a Barbed Heriodule and four other MCs to put together and paint.  This is the usual pre-Big Game modeling rush.  Between work and modeling, not much sleep in the forecast for the next three weeks!  I’m lovin’ it!!!  Here is a look at some of the latest work on Noax Secundus.  Please see Post #25 for the original backstory and some information regarding the materials used.

Here are a couple of shots of what has been completed so far.  When finished, these bases will allow for a piece of area terrain on every square foot of a standard board!  Based on advise from a master terrain modeler, my friend Peter, I have tried to create bases that will reflect different stages of the Tyranid morphing of a planet’s flora.  Some bases show no native life, most show terrain in transition, and a few will be solely native flora by the time I am finished. 

Here are a couple of shots of rendering pools.  One shows a Space Marine who is being consumed by Rippers as they are also in the process of being consumed by the rendering pool.  The other is another Marine who is half subsumed in the pool and a few Rippers who have returned to it to give up there biomass.

This shot shows some Warrior pods in the process of hatching.  I went through several of these in order to get the process right so that they would be cracked when the glue had finally dried.

This shows an area around a destroyed shrine that is in the process of being changed.  The one wall seems to be a demarcation for Tyranid vs. native flora.

The unfortunate crew of this Imperial Chimera never had the chance to bail out.  The vehicle’s front armour collapsed and the weapons melted from the impact of a Heavy Venom Cannon.
Finally, a forest of Thorn Barrels waits for non-Tyranid life forms to venture too close.  The hyper-corrosive acid contained in the combat knife size thorns can even eat through Ceramite.

Hope you enjoyed.  I will be posting plenty of pictures of this terrain in action at Big Game in just a few weeks.

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  1. These look great, Dan! Love the contrasting colors.


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