Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Tyranid Codex - Troops

Many folks have had a few weeks to get some experience with the new dex.  Let’s see what we have in the way of Troops in the new book…

Warriors – Yes, they are still S8/9 target magnets.  Got it.  Moving on, what do they offer?  Start with the fact that a Prime can attach itself to a unit of these guys…this gives them a WS of 6.  Now punch up some Lashwhips and Boneswords (keep one set of talons).  Here is what comes out of the oven:  A unit of six will have 5 attacks each on the charge (30 attacks!!!), hitting most opponents on 3s (at I7!!!), at AP3!  That’s at least 10 unsavable wounds in most normal combat situations.  I know they are pricey, I get that.  However, they could literal wipe out a unit of ten Space Marines!  Also, if everyone is firing their S8/9 weps at these guys, they are not firing at my Fleet Fexes.  If I give them Adrenal Glands, they could engage more rapidly and would be wounding most of the time when charging on 3+…giving 13 or more unsavable wounds! By the way, they have the potential to Outflank with the right Tyrant buff.   Let’s not forget…they also provide Synapse.  Put them behind a brood of cheap Gaunts for a little cover, and who knows what might happen. Pricey yes, target magnets yes.  But used in the right situation, they could be devastating.  Not a mandatory take.  Definitely situational.

Genestealers – Lots of points and easy to kill with shooting.  Wait.  They can infiltrate and with the latest Nid Dataslate, they can get in real close.  They are another choice that can Outflank with the appropriate Tyrant buff.  Throw in Horror from the Broodlord, and they fellas have a fairly good chance of getting where they need to be…up close and personal.  If they get Talons, Glands and Toxin Sacs, they will be total close combat killing machines.  Four attacks on the charge at S5, getting rerolls to wound from the Toxin Sacs.  Their WS6 would give a 3+ to hit.  Math hammer time:  8 of these models would get 21 hits, wounding on 2+ (S5 with rerolls)…that’s around 16 wounds, of which 2-3 would be Rending.  They would also be hitting most units first, and even against Eldar would be going simul. 
The Broodlord would be a worthwhile addition, not only for Horror to get a chance to pin an opponent in place and keep them from shooting, but also for its ability to absorb a few wounds.  Final bonus is that they are immune to Instintive Behavior. Not a mandatory take.  Will give them a try with the Dataslate on a board with the right terrain.  Maybe even in some narrative driven games.


Termagaunts – Costing only chump change now, why not take a bucketful of these little guys?  Bump them up to Fleet with a cheap biomorph, and the little devils will be moving up to 12” a turn across the board!  They could also provide cover for Warriors or Stealers if properly positioned.  It’s also nice that we can “mix and match” now and throw some Devilgaunts into the mix of a 30 model brood to give them some longer range, higher fire volume shooting while closing with an opponent(and getting shot all to hell!).  A mandatory troop choice (either these or Hormagaunts).

Hormagaunts – Early feedback was saying these guys were totally nerfed by the loss of the buff on Talons.  However, they are only slightly more points than a base Termagaunt.  Moreover, they can potentially move up to 15” a turn with no Adrenal buff!  We’re talking getting in base by turn 2!  For their dirt cheap price, that is something to think about.  Once in CC, they are no pushovers for ridiculously cheap models.  They go at I5 and have two base attacks.  Way better than their Termagaunt relatives for a “penny” more on the dollar.  If you are willing to pony up for Toxin Sacs, they will be wounding everyone on 4s (rerolls against Guard and Eldar).  Try a little “hoard” action and combine a couple of broods of these with another couple broods of Termagaunts and/or Gargoyles.  Holy model count…120 models for less than 700 points!  Whoa!  Give the little buddies some consideration.  A mandatory choice (either these OR Termagaunts)

Rippers – The price tag for these little friends is just too rich, given the cheap alternatives offered by Gaunts.  Ten Ripper bases with 30 wounds is the same cost as 26 base Hormagaunts.  The Gaunts have Fleet and a +3” on their Run move.  If by some strange chance Rippers get into CC, well, let’s be nice and say they stink!  So no, I will not be taking Rippers in this codex.  So what if they get Deep Strike?  For the points, they are just not worth it.  Not to be taken.

Hope you have lots and lots of these little fellas painted…you’re going to need them!  Game On!

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