Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Tyranid Codex - Positive Changes

“Mr. Sunshine” here again…as some of the blog’s followers have started to call me.  Good for them, and timely since this installment is going to be a summary/commentary on the positive changes that we have in our new dex.  Lets’ get right to it...

-     Warp Blast.  Can now be taken by Tyrant/Swarmlord as well as ZThropes.  I played a game last week and Algernon my Swarmlord rolled for this.  Our bad ass melee beast with a bad ass shooting attack?  What’s not to like?  Think of a Flyrant with this.  Not only having those 12 Devourer shots at S6, but now Warp Blast as well?  Talk about a flying circus!

-     Venom Cannon Vehicle Nerf.  These tasty weapons no longer have the nerf of subtracting 1 on the Vehicle Damage Table.  It’s the little things that count.

-     Tyrant/Swarmlord at BS4.  In conjunction with the previous changes, their shooting attacks are that much more effective.  For a DakkaTyrant, this means an average of 10xS6 hits with those Brainleech Devourers.  Warp Blast will hit on 3s.  Nice.

-     Lashwhip.  Now adding 3 to Initiative means our Warriors with these will be attacking at Initiative Step 7.  That trumps most of those pesky Eldar at Initiative 6.  Add a pair of rending claws means 5 attacks on the charge. You might ask why add Rending when you already have a Bonesword?  It gives you an extra attack during assault for just 5pts.  Beat down time!

-     Exocrine.  Let’s face it.  Isn’t it good to finally have some decent shooting?  I used one of these guys last week and smoked several Marines with shooting.  When was the last time that happened for you?  Even at 24” range, that Bio-Plasmic Cannon  adds a nice bump to our arsenal.  Think six IG Plasma Gunners.

-     Hive Crone and Tentaclids.  Since then did not add Skyfire to our army,  the Crone is a great way to try and deal with flyers.  The Tentaclids are basically twin-linked when shooting at aerial targets (and don’t forget they can fire those little buddies at ground targets as well, just no reroll) and give a 5/6 for taking out a hull point with Haywire.  Moreover, their Vector Strike is at S8!  You can overfly another flyer and get an average of 3 hits at S8.  I’ll take that.

-     Spore Mines.  A hidden gem in our new dex.  First, they can be moved (albeit more slowly) like a regular unit, as well as charge.  Even better, the attack when they explode is at S4 plus the number of additional mines in the cluster past the first.  A cluster of five mines would attack at S9!  Finally, they are cheap as heck!  Time to dust off those Biovores!

-     Venomthropes.  Changed from a 5+ cover to Shrouding.  This is huge!  If you can get those Fexes behind another unit,  they would have a 3+ cover save.  Get the VThropes behind the Fexes, and they get 3+ cover!  How about some FNP on the Fexes?  They now have a 3+ cover save AND a 5+ FNP.  Talk about survivability.  Wow!

-     Carnifex Price Cut.  Whoa.  This is huge! The cost of one of our classic critters reduced by almost 33%!  They are now affordable and should see much more use on the board.

-     Mawloc Terror Rule and Point Reduction.  With the price reduction they got, I am more willing to take risks with these guys.  The double tap template they now have is sweet as well.  So even if I don’t clear that squad of Termies after the second template and have to Mishap, I can enjoy the fact that I took out half the squad of 10 before I do so.  My Mawloc just paid for himself!

-     Zoanthropes.  Two things I like with these guys.  First, a significant cost reduction (about 15%).  Also, the Brotherhood of Psykers just makes them less cumbersome.  One roll for the whole brood instead of a roll for each model.  They can still take an extra power from the table in addition to Warp Blast, and only roll for 5 choices instead of 6, giving them a better percentage to get a power you were really looking for (Catalyst anyone?)

-     Acid Blood.  For an MC that has taken a few wounds, this is not a bad way to retaliate if it survives.  Not only do I get my normal attacks, but the possibility of a S5 AP2 hit for each wound taken.

-     Electroshock Grubs.  I like that these now have Haywire.

-     Adrenal Glands.  These give Furious Charge and Fleet; and I can put these on Carnifexes!

-     Fexes now are at Initiative 2.  Now longer will I go simul with Power Fists/Claws.  I get the chance to wack a few Termies before they crunch me.

-     We can mix and match.  Those broods of Termagaunts can throw in some Devilgaunts.  Broods of Carnifexes can now combine Dakkafexes and Smashfexes.  Lots more flexibility now.

Not going to apologize for being an optimist.  Several great changes to work with.  Some I have already tried to great effect.  Others, not so much.  Overall, some interesting choices to play and experiment with.  I am anticipating several losses as I experiment to see what works and what does not.  However, I remain competitive and will give it a good showing each and every game.


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  1. I agree with most of what you say, but you like the Rending Claws with Boneswords & Lashwhip for the wrong reason lol Scything Talons give you the extra attack for free. The benefit of the Rending Claws is that you aren't completely screwed against 2+ Save models.

    Also, Acid Blood wasn't used last edition and got worse this edition. Not really something to be happy about. Otherwise, +1.

    1. I see what you are saying. With the Bonesword, we get the the armour bypass on a 6, same as Rending plus it's Instant Kill. And yes, the Talons give us a second CC wep for the extra attack. Thanks.

    2. How do boneswords give you armour bypass on a 6? They're just ap3 surely, unless wielded by a monstrous creature? Instant kill doesn't help you get through the armour.

    3. I was referring to a pass on MEQ type armour. I would never use Bonesword Warriors against say, Terminators. MCs for sure, and then they wouldn't need anything since their attacks are AP2 to begin with. You are correct that the 6 is only instant kill if I gets past the armour.

  2. Interesting post.

    I think however that the unit of zoanthropes only has 2 additional power. I'm not 'Mr rules' so could be wrong, but I think that with Brotherhood of Psykers you just have 2 powers for the unit, not for each individual psyker.

    1. The ZThropes come with Warp Blast standard, and get to roll on the table once in addition to this. Even though they are only level 1 psykers, they can still cast Blast.

    2. Yes, but - unless I misunderstood your post - the brood only gets to select one additional psychic power. It's not (as I understand it):

      Zoan 1: Warp Blast & Catalyst
      Zoan 2: Warp Blast & Dominion
      Zoan 3: Warp Blast & Horror

      It's 'whole brood have Warp Blast & Catalyst'.

      Oh... Re-reading your post, I think I did misunderstand you. The brood select their additional power from the 5 remaining (as they can't roll Warp Blast a second time). When I first read your post, I understood you as suggesting that you could have a brood full of different powers, as you used to be able to do.

  3. I agree with most of what you said. However, you seem too optimistic about the flying monstrous creatures firepower. As they are monstrous, they can fire two weapons per round, but both their vector strike and their witchfires count towards that, as do sporemine bombs. So it is very rare to that you get to use all of their weapons in one game.


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