Monday, January 27, 2014

Conversion Crazy - Old One Eye, Autofex & Quad Cannon

Finished some Tyranid conversions this past week; two for game use and one for just fun (unless my opponents are really open minded…you’ll see).  Here is a description of each…

Old One Eye – Love this guy and his story.  When I considered a
conversion, wanted to make sure he was different.  He is a mutant, afterall.  I used a base Carnifex body.  The difference is the claws and the head.  I used Haruspex claws from a Exocrine/Haruspex box.  Obviously, I went with the Exocrine, and used the leftover Haruspex parts.  For the head, I used a Tyrannofex head from the Tervigon/Tyrannofex box.  The missing eye hole was made with a Dremel tool.

“Autofex” – Tyranids need long range shooting, and this is the Hive Mind’s solution to the problem!  After Lictors absorbed the minds of several members of a Mechanicus survey crew, the Hive Mind created an adaptation.  It incorporates Crushing Claws for close

combat devastation, and “bio-autocannons” for long range vehicle killing.  Just need to convince my friendly game opponents to let me give this fella a spin!

Quad Cannon – My friend Mark loves to collect junk for amazing conversions himself.  You may have seen the coolio Hellhound conversions he made from a couple of cameras in a previous battle  

report (Tyranids vs. IG).  The core of this model is a piece of lawn detritus he gave me last summer…thanks Mark!  I used a Dremel to create some openings for the Venom Cannon barrels I used for the guns.  Attached a couple of Haruspex mouth spikes and scything talons…woohoo!  I now have some AA for my Nid army!

Now that I’m done with that conversion binge, it’s back to painting my remaining first wave of new models.  More Nids….arghhh!
Create, grow, feed, adapt

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