Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cometh The Hive Fleet

Saturday seems like a year away!  Only four days to go before the arrival of the Hive Fleet, and this last week before touchdown has been frantic.  This will be my last blog post before “Codex Day,” so I wanted to discuss my latest modeling accomplishments and ruminate about moving on…

Since last Friday, I have built and painted THREE monstrous creature models!  Whew!  Finally assembled my two Tervigons which have been sitting in boxes for a while, and bought and assembled a Flyrant.  All of these are plastic models.  Moreover, I spent the time to get these big buddies painted before the new dex is released.  I will be getting my last 17 Termagaunts finished today.  With all this done, I will have cleared the decks and be ready for the new beasties I am expecting to arrive on Saturday…

-      Harespex/Endocrine

-      Harpy/Hive Crone

-      Carnifexes (2)

-      Tyrant Guard/Hive Guard (3)

Let’s get to the issue of moving on.  With the final rush of rumors this week, it is so easy to get on board the “regret train.”  IF, IF, IF, we lose Doom, Parasite, Ymgarls, Spore, e.g., how will we ever be able to win?  Funny how this dynamic works, and how easily we forget.  How did you feel after the release of the current Tyranid codex?  Did you feel like you could never win again, that everything got nerfed?  Speaking for myself, I have seen more success with my Nids since the release of the 6th edition BRB than I did with 5th.  Don’t think I won’t miss my Spores (all EIGHT of them) or the Parasite.  I love the mobility that Spores give my army.  The Parasite has been lots of fun, especially against Guard and Orks.  Ymgarls have been my solution to Eldar Rangers.  People will spend weeks or months complaining about losing the old rules and units, but it’s like complaining to your dog.  The dog will listen, but in the end it will not prevent the change.

I have now stood in front of the mirror and said, “get over it.”  On Saturday, the new rules will be the rules we will need to live by.  Any good player will adjust and use the new codex and new units to their maximum effectiveness.  We did it when the current codex was released.  Before, I never had Spores to “drop pod” units across the board.  No Ymgarls to pop out of terrain.  Was never able to use Nid psychic ability to its full potential.  But for the last four years I found ways to make it all work.  It has been fun.

On Saturday, if some of the rumors are correct, I will finally know the joy of flyers…real flyers (with all due respect to the Flyrant).  We will have an MC that has lots of AP2 shooting.  There will be changes to the FOC for Nids.  Many new opportunities and great potential. 

Hopefully,  we will choose to use the new dex to help our Tyranids remain the Apex Predators they were meant to be.  I for one will be reading my shiny new codex with an open mind, and leaving the past behind.

Create, Grow, Feed, Adapt


  1. well said! There is far too much negativity online about the rumours thus far, when we don't even know the whole picture... it does follow the pattern though right? new codex drops and the online community goes into rage mode and wants to sell their armies? I for one am looking forward to the new dex, and adding more models to my collection (which is far too big to even be considered reasonable any more!)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's great to hear from someone else who isn't imploding from reading all the "leaks." As for the "nerfing" of rules, who really knows? Several of the changes could create new synergies that will help make the Nids more effective, or at least give us several new options. One players nerf is another's opportunity. Less than three days!

  3. The problem is with the leaks, i have seen the special rules, the unit and upgrade costs, and the relics and powers. Its bad, just not really worse or better than right now.

    What is most frustrating is they openly said the 5th ed codex was a mistake. But this codex is almost the exact same. Most of the few good things got slightly changed and that's it.


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