Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Great Devourer...Soulless Humanity

Humanity wishes to believe that the Tyranid race is soulless, acting without reason or intellect.  To the human race, Tyranids are animalistic predators, and nothing more.  This is hyperbole... the Lords of Terra and their innumerable minions know all too well that it is they, soulless and unreasoning, who prey upon their own kind in order to preserve a dying empire. 

Each Solar Day, thousands of living, breathing Imperial citizens are sacrificed to keep the light of the Astronomican burning.  These human beings are collected, processed and stored on the Imperium’s fleet of Black Ships.  There is no concern for the lives of these people; only that they are available to be fed into the soulless, archaic device that is the Golden Throne.  You say that the Tyranids, without emotion, throw thousands of Gaunts into the face of their enemies.  How is this different than the sacrifice of the prisoners of the Black Ships?!

Each Solar Day, billions of living, breathing Imperial citizens are turned into mindless Servitors to perform mundane tasks on millions of planets.  Mindless Servitors.  You say that the creatures that the Hive Mind creates are mindless.  Less so than previously human Servitors that have been mind-wiped.  At least the creatures that serve the Wardens of Galactic Balance (Tyranids) have some autonomous thought function.  Even the least of their number have animal cunning.  The more complex creatures are capable of higher order, strategic thinking. Their instinctive behavior may be primitive, but it allows many Tyranid broods to act in self-preservation.  Servitors do not have this ability.  Instinctive Behaviors are different than the simplistic programming shoved into a functioning human brain.  

What of the billions of humans who toil in the manufactoriums and Hive stacks of innumerable Imperial worlds?  They perform basic functions, eat, drink, procreate, and die.  These humans exist in the soulless universe of Man.  No compassion, no emotion.  How is this different than the creatures aboard Hive Ships that maintain its’ life functions?  Aren’t these Tyranids merely cleansing the Universe of soulless humanity?

Loyalty, bravery, honor, courage…are these what place humanity above the Great Devourer?  These are human concepts, balanced by treachery, avarice, contempt and cruelty.  The Hive Mind never betrays it’s own kind.  It does not desire wealth or power.  It does not hold those it deems lesser beings in contempt.  It does not condemn it’s own kind to slow, lingering death.  It merely seeks to bring balance by removing an insidious infection.

It is not the Tyranids that are soulless.  It is mankind.

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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