Sunday, December 1, 2013

Prometheus Rumor Scoreboard - Final Episode

I got what I deserved for getting emotional about a December release.  I am now 0-1.  Oh well.  Still have another 25 or so rumors to go.  A busy holiday week otherwise.  Built and primed 30 Spinegaunts.  Assembled two plastic Tervigons.  Lots of glue to peel off my hands.  Fun!  By the way, these are before/after pics of two Fexes and a Daemon Dude taking down a Warlord Titan in close combat.  Yeah Baby!

Rumor Roundup for Episodes 1-3:

Rumor                                       My Score     Actual     Pts

Multiple Unique Character                    1                                

Another FMC                                      1

Grapple Me Baby                               3

New “Big” Bug                                   5

Run Little Gaunts Run                         4

No FOC or Ally Changes                     1

New Nid Psychic Power Tables             5

Red Terror, e.g., Are Upgrades             4

December Release                             4            1            0

Adaptations for Skyfire                       5

Nid Psychic Powers Nerfed                   2

Tyrant Biomorphs Rule the Roost         2

Melee/Ranged Biomorphs for

       Opposite Effect                            1

Warriors at Sergeants                         4

Tyrannofex Point Decrease                  3

Pyrovore Torrent                                3

All Aboard – Gargoyle Passengers         1

Hive Node                                          5

Endless Psychic Powers for Doom         1

Carnifex Point Cost – No Change          2

Living Battering Ram Change               4


The Final Round:

Lictors and Genestealers Assault on Arrival (Various) – How many times, even in the days before the 5th Edition Dex did we see this one?  True, there are more units that can assault the turn they arrive from Reserve that there used to be, but it is still a rare priveledge to be able to do so.  And what of Ymgarl Stealers if this was true?  They will no longer be the unique Elite choice they once were.  Maybe regular broods could upgrade to Ymgarls.  Whoops!  Did I start another rumor?!   I WILL NOT succumb to the “wish list” mentality on this one.

Score – 1

Tyranid “Crab” Transport (Various) – This one makes me smile every time I think of it.  Kind of like a War Wagon for Tyranids that the passengers can shoot from.  Really?! There is not even the most insignificant mention of such a creature in any of the backstory I have read over the years.  Cool idea?  Sure.  Just like it’s a cool idea to let Lictors and Stealers assault the turn they arrive.

Score – 2

Carnifex as Elite and Heavy Choices (Various) – This would be a redux and I think a very nice one.  Getting back to the days when MCs ruled the battlefield.  I mean REAL MCs, not the abominations like Wraithknights and Riptides.  I know, Trygons and Mawlocs are next gen and all that.  But having the option to take a crap pot of Fexes again would just be fun.  I have never fielded more than six.  All Dakkafexes.  It was like 75% of my points, but it was just cool to see them walk on the board for a few turns before getting shot to hell.  And it was very cool to see the look on my opponents’ face when I put them on the board before the game.  Priceless.

Score – 4

Biomorph To Give Feel No Pain (Various) – The folks who thought this one up must have been smoking something medicinal for a week before putting it out.  Either the point cost would be insane or it would nerf the Endurance psychic power.  Not to mention how broken it would be.  I can’t even stomach this one.  At least now I have to take an expensive model/models (Swarmlord, Tervigon, Brood of Zoanthropes) to have a chance of giving this to a couple of units each turn.  Sorry boys.  Not buying today.

Score - 1

That’s a wrap.  Hope you have enjoyed this variation on a theme.  See you back at the Prometheus Rumor Scoreboard in early January to check out how the Scoreboard scored (hope, hope!)!


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