Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Old One Eye...Unstoppable Part 1

Sergeant Lemartes and his scouts had been patrolling the eastern edge of the cratered landscape for two weeks.  The blasted, storm-wracked surface of Calth was treacherous enough…their target only added to the tension created by the effort just to survive.  The creature known as “Old One Eye” had been rampaging unchecked for months now, and it had to be destroyed…

Land convoys, supply hubs and whole towns had been devastated by the creature.  Evidence of the destruction was clear enough each time Lemartes and his marines came upon a reported attack site.  He knew they were close now, though.  His training told him it was so.  After all, his teacher was Torius Telion, a legend among the Ultramarines.

His captain had given Lemartes an entire 10 man squad to accomplish this mission.  Not only a full squad, but two missile launchers and a precious plasma gun as well.  When they found this abomination, it would die quickly.  He disregarded the stories told about the creature’s ability to shrug off any and all injury.  Nothing could survive the punishment it had been reported to have endured.

Lemartes had sent Angelon and Raemus ahead to scout the next reported attack site.  Darkness had come early, and the scouts had disappeared into the gloom several hours ago.  The vox finally came to life.  Raemus reported the tracks of several smaller Tyranid creatures, most of them fresh. After what seemed like only a few moments, the vox activated a second time.  The marines sounded winded and stressed.  Lemartes then heard bolter fire, sporadic at first, then increasing in intensity.  Then, nothing…

It had been over three hours since the last vox from Angelon and Raemus.  Lemartes decided to break camp and head in the direction of their last transmission.  As his remaining marines began to pack their kit,  the two youngsters came into view.  They were covered in viscera and xenos blood.  Whatever had happened, they had been in close with their attackers.  “Looks like someone has been hunting you,” Lemartes commented to the pair.  They deferred to his experience and position, but it was evident they were shaken and wanted to respond in a less than professional manner.  “Fair to say, Sergeant,” Angelon replied.  “Termagaunts, lots of them,” Raemus added, “but no sign of the one we are hunting.”  Lemartes told the two young marines to rest for a moment, water up, and then to reload and prepare to move in the direction of their encounter.

The scout squad arrived at the site of the attack on Angelon and Raemus about four hours after setting out, having moved with more caution than normal.  Bodies of their attackers were everywhere, most dead from bolter fire, but several from wounds inflicted by combat knife.  Lemartes was impressed, although he kept his thoughts to himself.  These young marines had handled themselves in the tradition of their esteemed Legion.  Examining the location further, there was evidence of something larger having been present, but it’s tracks had been on the distant periphery of the battle.  Had it been observing, merely measuring its prey before committing itself?  This seemed unlikely, given the creature’s lust for destruction.  If that was true, though, how could its lack of engagement be accounted for? Perhaps it was not the mindless brute it was reported to be…

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