Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Kill Team Rule Set

The latest version of Kill Team has hit the street and I am happy to see this rule set aligned with 6th edition.  Kill Team offers a great way to get in some “games on a budget” in terms of time.  Playing 4-6 scenarios in 4-5 hours is easily manageable for experienced players.  Here are some thoughts regarding playing this rule set, and how Tyranid players might incorporate it into their gaming.

As a brief summary, Kill Team allows up to 200 points of models from the Troop (2), Elite (1) and Fast (1) FOC categories.  Vehicles are also allowed, as long as their F/S/R armour total is 33 or less.  Units that normally start in reserve must start on the board.  Finally, no models with a 2+ save or flyers are allowed.  The rule set also provides six scenarios, each with unique primary scoring objectives, while still incorporating the standard secondary objectives like Linebreaker, First Blood, e.g.  The board for all scenarios is 4ft by 4ft in size.

The scenarios can obviously be played stand-alone, but I like to play them as a “mini-campaign” of 4-6 games.  The order of the different scenarios should be determined mutually before the “campaign” begins.  Also, I create some backstory to add a bit of flavor to the games as they are played out.  Another suggestion is to have 2-3 different kill teams ready before you start your run of games.  Show each to your opponent.  Then allow each player to choose which of their Kill Teams they are going to use before each game without letting their opponent know…you CAN use the same Kill Team in consecutive or multiple scenarios.  This adds a bit of strategy to the gaming session.

Now let’s talk about using Tyranids in Kill Team.  I know we have only a small window until our beloved Nids are “born again,” but some basic concepts should still apply.

-     The first thing most Tyranid players think of is Genstealers and a Broodlord.  Great choices for sure.  You can get about 7-8 models in your Kill Team, including a few upgrades.  Throw in some Outflank or FNP (specialist traits) and you’re good to go. 

-     How about Deathleaper and a couple of Lictors or some Genstealers?  He will have to start on the board, but his special rules would add a lot of options.

-     A Warrior or two and bunch of Hormagaunts.  Since all models operate as separate units during the game, even if the HGaunts go out of Synapse, they will still head for enemy models since their Instinctive Behavior is Feed.

-     How about taking along a Zoanthrope for some psychic fun?  Warp Blast/Lance could come in handy.

-     Raveners anyone?  They might need some Synapse to keep them on track, but they make pretty cool Kill Team members.  Lots of talons and claws to rend and tear…yep, just what I was looking for.  This is KILL Team after all.

-     Try a “flying circus”…a couple of Shrikes and a load of Gargoyles.

-     Hive Guard might also make a fun core for a Kill Team.  Lots of nice shooting and hard as hell to take out.

If you consider all the options the Tyranid codex (or any codex for that matter) has to offer, there are plenty of great choices for Tyranid Kill Teams. 

I would encourage you to take a look at the new Kill Team rules and give them a try.  They might take you back to your “beer and pretzel” days, when the games were fast, intense and fun…emphasis on the FAST.  Win or lose, it’s over before you know it…

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all!

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