Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy and Sad Rumors - Opinions About What We Have Seen So Far

We are almost two weeks into the rumor season, and we have seen a multitude of information…albeit salty information.  Whether any of it is true or not, it seems like a good idea to stir the pot a bit and prognosticate about specific rumors.  This is, of course, from a Tyranid perspective.  Ready, set…

Spore Pods, Doom and Parasite Missing – I have never played Doom, so I have no problem with it disappearing.  It would also validate my Scoreboard prediction of the crazy Doom psychic madness being false.  I am kind of nostalgic about the Parasite, since I converted a model for him.  Moreover, I have had a fair amount of success with him the few times he has graced the battlefield.  Sorry old boy.  Now for the big one…I will be VERY disappointed if I no longer have a reliable way of delivering my broods into the midst of the enemy.  Pods were a mainstay of any list I have used in 6th.  Time for a change I suppose.  I will truly lament the loss of these beauties if the rumor is true.  Maybe I can incorporate the models into some Tyranid terrain…hmmmm.

The Crone – This version of the Harpy sounds like a fun toy.  I have always wanted to bring somebody to play with my friend Mike’s Heldrakes.  Now they will something to occupy themselves other than flaming my Troop Choices off the board.

The New “Big Bugs” – Both sound kind of fun.  My concern with the assault bug is getting close enough to actually assault.  Does someone really think this thing can get close enough to tackle a Centurion or two?  Can you say Grav Weapons?  The shooty big bug could also be great, FINALLY giving the Nids some shooting other than AP 4/5.  It would be nice to actually kill some Marines with shooting.

The Absence of Warp Lance – This is quite troubling.  It is currently the only reliable way of taking out Land Raiders or other AV14 models.  Moreover, with the advent of Escalation, imagine trying to take out Lords of War without Warp Lance.

The Psychic Library - I don’t see any major changes from what we currently have, except for the Psychic scream, which looks pretty worthless in the form it is presented…might take out a model or two…maybe.  If we still have access to the BRB powers, I am fine with the changes (EXCEPT for no Warp Lance).

Old One Eye and Red Terror – I am anxious to see the specifics regarding these two specials.  It is cool that they will have specific models for them.  Even if I don’t use them often, they will be fun to have in the arsenal.

Apex Biomorphs and Eternal Warrior – The Apex Biomorphs…mehhhh.  Nothing there that is really exciting, but part of a bigger whole, they are sure to have value if valid.  Several mentions of Eternal Warrior for MCs with T6 or better seem of little value.  They are almost impossible to Instant Kill anyway, so whatever.  If you can give Zoanthropes, Warriors or Raveners Eternal Warrior now THAT would be valuable.

Deep Strike for Rippers – Am I supposed to be excited about this?  Nine T3 bases in a tight circle…does S6 Template weapons mean anything to us?  If, if, if, Spores are still around and I could load some Rippers into one of those, now THAT would be exciting!

Twin-Linked Devourers not S6 – This would pretty much nerf my Dakkafexes.  Not being able to reliably remove some armour points with shooting (except for Impaler Cannons) would make them fairly worthless.  I am hoping there is some way to walk MCs across the board again, but with the proliferation of shooting in this meta, Nids will need some serious buffs to make that happen.

Only about two weeks from pre-order!!!  Looking forward to more rumors and “confirmations” to analyze.

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