Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Pass at a Tyranid Shopping List

My commentary on Escalation seems to have struck a few nerves, so for this installment I am moving away from it (for now) and talking about what I have my sights on for those hard earned dollars in January…

First, I understand that everything at this point is still a rumor.  Second, many of my decisions will be based on changes to the Tyranid arsenal. If everything stays at AP4/5 with no Warp Lance, then I will be very hesitant to put money on the table.  That being said, here we go…

Tervigons – the point cost going up (the “Termagaunt Tax”) shouldn’t be an issue if the other rumors are true…buy up for unlimited spawning or 4D6 spawning.  In terms of dollars, I already have 2 of these beauties, so I won’t need to lay out any cash.  Maybe just ONE MORE for some Termagaunt fun?  Wait…you mean I have to buy MORE Termagaunts?!  100 isn’t enough?!

Harpy/Hive Crone – I am buying at least one of these.  If the Harpy’s weps are decent enough to threaten MEQs, then I will go for that build.  If not, having an FMC that can chase other flyers around the table will be a new experience for Tyranid players…I want one…or maybe two! A pre-order here.

Lictors/Deathleaper – I suppose this all depends on the rules changes we see.  I have always wanted to use Lictors more; they are such an integral part of the backstory.  Vanguard organisms, e.g.  And I see that there is rumor of a dataslate specifically for Vanguard.  I have two metal Lictors, and they are hard to keep from falling apart.  Plastic replacements would be worth a go if the rules make Lictors reasonable in terms of survivability (ALWAYS my issue) and utility on the board. This would be a post-codex/dataslate purchase.

Warriors- Lots of talk that these fellas will be an integral part of the new rule set.  The 8 models I have now are all kitted out with Lash Whips and Boneswords.  Unless the rules for these CC Weps change significantly or the shooting Weps options change for the better, I will probably keep them as it.  Whether to invest in something else depends entirely on the changes to the rule set.  I don’t use them now because they are Instant Kill fire magnets.  A Post-codex purchase…maybe.

Exocrine and Haruspex – The new (or old if you are Armourcast fans) kids on the block.  At this point, it seems that these little buddies are the “big bug” options for the Nid player.  Both sound interesting, especially the Exocrine potential to actually have AP2 shooting.  I suppose it will once again depend on the rule changes as to whether or not these will be worth the investment.  I am hesitant to lay down the cash for these, as opposed to say, the Hive Crone, but the potential for something else bigger than a Fex will probably be too good to pass up.  This will be a pre-order.

Carnifex – The ubiquitous MC.  I currently have 6 of these lovable beasties.  2 Dakkafexes, 2 Smashfexes and 2 that serve as Tyrannofex proxies (have not used these for a LONG time).  I also have a kit bag of bitz for these guys that I could break out.  The purchase of additional models will depend, once again, on rules.  I certainly have the ability to convert what I have.  If the rules give me the incentive, I will break out the Dremel and start doing the “Frankenstein” on my stable of Screamers.  Purchase, in either case, will be post-codex.

Other purchases (not related to Codex release) – I will probably be picking up an additional Barbed Heriodule for use in my local gaming group’s annual “Big Game,” as well as, dare I say it, in any Escalation games I may play (gasp!).

This has only been the first week of rumor.  So much more to come. Best of all, we are only THREE WEEKS out from pre-order!!!

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