Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Prometheus Rumor Scoreboard - Week 2

Back again for more rumor-licious fun…and a real whopper this past week…so here we go again.

Where we are so far:

Rumor                                       My Score        Actual        Pts

Multiple Unique Characters                1
Another FMC                                    1
Grapple Me Baby                              3
New “Big” Bug                                  5
Run Little Gaunts Run                       4
No FOC or Ally Changes                     1
New Nid Psychic Power Tables            5
Red Terror, e.g., Are Upgrades           4

The Next Round:

Rumor (Multiple) – The release date for our beloved Nids has been moved UP to Dec 7…preorders Nov 30!!!  Let’s look at this from a business perspective (kinda how GW would).  Will I sell more Tyranid stuff before the Holiday season or after the Holiday season?  Answer – before.  As always, it could just be the rumor trolls preying on our excitement.  Moreover, don’t forget this IS still a rumor.  Hence no 5 here.

Score: 4

Rumor (BOLS and Faeit 212) – Tyranid psychic powers will be nerfed.  Seriously, how could this happen?  The changes to the psychic power meta in 6th have greatly benefitted the Hive Mind.  That being said, I really don’t know how they can make them WORSE.  As long as I still have the option of using the generic power tables, it should be fine.  IF, IF, IF, however, they prohibit Nid use of the Biomancy table, THAT would be a major hit.  Also, if the rumor of new power tables is true, which I think it is, that will only give Tyranid players more options.

Score: 2

Rumor (Faeit 212) – Adaptations for Skyfire.  This is kind of a no-brainer, but I’ll take it.  If they DON’T get some Skyfire, they would be the only 6th Ed codex not to.

Score: 5

Rumor (Faeit 212) – FOC changes based on Hive Tyrant biomorphs.  I’m not buying this one.  Sounds great, but if I don’t take a Tyrant with biomorphs I get penalized?  Makes no sense…probably true!
Score: 2

Rumor (Faeit 212) – Melee biomorphs make shooting better and Ranged biomorphs make assault better.  I am no expert on playtesting or the intricate dance that ensues at rule sets are developed.  But how the hell would this work?  It makes absolutely no sense.  So I take Rending Claws and my BS goes up?  I take enhanced senses and I get preferred enemy?

Score: 1

Rumor (Faeit 212) – Warriors can be purchased as “sergeant style” characters.  I can see this happening since Nids currently have no way to include any “Look Out Sir” style models in their broods with the expection of the Parasite or Tyranid Primes.

Score: 4

Rumor (Faeit 212) – Tyrannofex point decrease and Pyrovore Torrent.  Sure, whatever you say.  Not that I wouldn’t like to see both of these happen, but WHY?  I will not use either of these beasties even with the changes mentioned (unless of course hey totally nerf my Zoanthropes in terms of their anti-vehicle potential).

Score: 3

The timetable MAY have moved up here, so I may be updating the Scoreboard more frequently than the weekly installment originally intended.  It will depend on the what we see to give more credence to the Dec 7th release date.

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