Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tervigon/Tyrannofex - Two Models, One Choice

My Tervigon/Tyrannofex arrived today, bright and shiny in its’ cardboard box and plastic wrap.  The only question is, which one do I build?! 

Yes, it’s time to retire Sammie, my reliable conversion.  She has most certainly served the Hive Mind well over the years.  But it is time to live in the present, and set her on the shelf.

Before we get started, I really like the Tervigon/Tyrannofex model.  The amount of detail is amazing, and the sheer size of the model is great.  Looks kind of like a miniature Heriophant.   Once assembled, it certainly met my expectations for a monstrous creature with six wounds.  Most importantly, it’s plastic.  No, I have never been a fan of metal modeling.  Finally (and I am sure to be going against the “price tide”) I felt the price point to be reasonable…admittedly I purchased it from a “non-primary” source.

Now, for those of you who are magnet hounds, your answer might be, “build both!”  Not so fast magnet dudes.  Have you actually seen the sprues and parts?  The primary difference of the core part of the model is the belly full of gribblies.  Here is the problem…there is no room for magnets, and the spikey bitz that are part of the Tyrannofex will not fit under the belly bitz when attached.  Besides that, even if you could magnetize the small spikey bitz, that is over the top.  You would also have to magnetize the primary limbs and the heads as well.  OK, so we got that out of the way.

The real question for the purpose of this post is Tervigon or Tyrannofex?  A rhetorical question to be sure.  Let’s break this down.

Tyrannofex.  Lots of wounds and high toughness.  Did I mention a S10 shooting weapon?  Wait.  The BS is 3.  The AP is 4.  Help me understand why I should spend over 200pts on a model that will statistically only hit once a turn (it is Assault 2) and have about a 15% chance of blowing something up…assuming that something only has armour of 11.  Over 200pts to remove a SINGLE hull point or have a 15% chance of trashing a transport?!  I can take 3 Zoanthropes in a Spore for less points, and have a reasonable chance of trashing a LAND RAIDER if I use Warp Lance.  Or how about taking a few Hive Guard and having an EXCELLENT chance of blowing up a transport for significantly less points?  I could kit the Tyrannofex out with a Fleshborer Hive and get the equivalent of 20 bolter shots per turn.  Or…I could take 20 Devilgaunts in a Spore and get 60 bolter shots for the same cost, and put the little dudes pretty much anywhere I want on the board!  Bottom line for me…the Tyrannofex is about as worthless as a Pyrovore.  It is a huge point sink, that in the 6th edition world, is a waste of time.

Tervigon.  Lots of wounds and high toughness.  Provides Synapse.  Can be taken as a troop.  Spits out an average of 15-20 FREE gribblies/game.  What is there not to like?  There are lists built around these things.  Three Tervigons kicking out 50-60 FREE models in a game?  That doesn’t include all the other stuff already on the board! Granted, in a Kill Point game, this is the equivalent of a guaranteed loss, but those are the chances we take in this Game.   The fact that they provide Synapse AND can take/hold objectives is their core function for me.  The baby factory thing is just a bonus, IMO.  Of course, there are games when they have nerfed on Gaunt production, but since this is something I don’t count on, when it works, it just adds to my opponents frustration and forces them to adjust their own tactics.  One more VERY important factor…they are also Psykers! Can take up to 3 powers, either dex or core rulebook.  I usually roll for Biomancy, and almost always get either Iron Hand or Endurance for one of the 3 rolls. 

All this for the same point cost as a Tyrannofex.  Case closed.

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