Monday, November 25, 2013

Stronghold Assault and Escalation - Lose/Lose for Tyranids

So no Nids in December.  If they had arrived, it would be like a check I wasn’t expecting; appreciated but not something I couldn’t live without.  So what we DO have is a bunch of crap that is quite worthless to most Nid players...

Let’s start with Stronghold Assault.  Admittedly, some pretty awesome model pics floating around the Interweb.  Lots of walls, turrets, more walls, towers, e.g.  Help me understand how this has ANYTHING to do with a 40K Tyranid player.  I could always take my Grey Knights out of stasis so I could utilize this stuff.  Might even be fun to actually use fortifications.  Maybe have a Quad Cannon…or four.  Yes, I’m grousing here.  Remember this is a Tyranid blog, and Stronghold Assault has nothing to do with me or my army.  Certainly affects many other 40K armies.  Hell, even Tau and Eldar can use an Aegis Defense Line.  Not Nids.  So how is this Stronghold thing something I can even think about investing in?  Not.  Very disappointing.

Of course in just a few weeks I could be regretting this rant.  Maybe there will be some kind of massive Tyranid Hive structure that can be used as a fortress or stronghold.  Maybe it will have cool Biocannon implacements, and some Skyfire organisms for AA defense.  Yeah, right.  Even if the books allow for some type of rule twisting, just more massive conversion fun to even make it happen for Hive Fleet Prometheus.

Now Escalation.  Super Heavies in a regular 40K game.  Can you spell broken with a capital “B?”  Ever tried to shoot an Ork War Wagon to death with a bunch of Lascannons?  Pretty tough, right?  Now try that with a Stompa.  Ever take a close look at all the crazy weps on a Stompa?  A Baneblade?  An Eldar Titan?  I already pull piles of figs off the board during a game.  No problem.  It’s what Nids do.  But piles of figs in a single turn?  How the hell am I supposed to kill those Superheavies?  My MCs will get shot to pieces before they even get close.  Even if they do make contact, do you honestly think they will be able to kill a Stompa or Eldar Titan in close combat?  Not likely.

Wait a minute, Dan.  The Nids have some Gargantuan creatures of their own.  OK, fair enough.  Are YOU going to buy me that $350 Heriophant?  Or the $350 Harridan that is currently sold out at Forge World?  The only other Gargantuan option, Heriodules, can be shot to death with AP3 weps.  By the way, I have played my own Barbed Heriodule, Barney, on a few occasions.  However, those occasions were room size, Apoc style games in which there were an average of 60,000 points of models including at least ten other Super Heavies.

As several blogs have pointed out, it looks like we will still have an option of whether to accept the Super Heavy into a regular 40K game.  I for one will not be doing so anytime soon.  There is a time and place for a crazy collection of huge, killy models.  An Apoc style Big Game for example.  On a 4 x 6 table?  No thank you.

I look forward to January and the release of my Tyranids.  In the meantime, I will continue to bloviate on the rest of the 40K Universe and the insanity of rule books I will never own and models I will never play.

Plastic Harridans or Heriophants?  Sure, if you say so…

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  1. I've been looking at it, and most people know the heirodules are not really worth it, for the cost of three trygons, take three trygons. The eldar wraithknight has almost the exact same stat line for less than half the cost. the only differences is the gargantuan creatures are immune to sniper/poison.

    But I agree, yay useless fortifications making it even hard for me to kill the opponent but things that I can't use. and yay heavies that Imperials have easy access too (everyone owns a baneblade) but tyranids have no means to feasibly use. (rumor has our only one being a harridan, which still can get grounded and then tarpitted, yipee)

  2. You are spot on regarding the 3 Trygons vs Heriodules. Lots more wounds and they even have an Apoc Special Formation that gives them something extra. The other aspect I didn't mention but you kind of hit on was that we don't have ACCESS to other heavies because we can't ally with armies that have them.


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